Daily Dispatch

Is the U.S. Economy Actually Slowing?

We are supposed to be in an economic recovery, so why are employment figures weak and long-term interest rates low? Bud Conrad shows that all may not be what it appears.

The China Play for Resource Companies

In December 2002, Southwestern Resources announced a spectacularly rich find, triggering a stampede of investor interest in China plays. An update on what has happened since.

“Not Free, Not Fair” An Update on the Gold Cartel

Sprott Asset Management's John Embry has long believed that the gold market is being manipulated, a point he made in his widely-read report "Not Free, Not Fair". In this KitcoCasey exclusive we talk with John to get an update on his controversial findings.

The Athabasca Uranium Rush

Exploration in Saskatchewan's prolific Athabasca Basin, home to the world's largest and richest uranium deposits, requires the technical skills of an engineer, the artistic vision of a Michelangelo, and most important, loads of discretionary cash.

$80 Oil—Here We Come!!

Reasons why the price of oil will not significantly pull back from today's levels and is likely to reach the $80 mark within the next 24 months.