Daily Dispatch

Technical Talk: Week-End 4/25/05

For a while there it looked like a real rally going on but then it stalled. Energy is still where the action is but let's go through the routine and see what's really what.

The Worrisome Dollar 4/25/05

The situation with the U.S. dollar is getting downright spooky. Even though the dollar moved higher this month, it remains bearish, the major trend is down and worldwide sentiment continues to worsen.

Canadian Market Round Up, Week of 4/22/05

Louis James sitting in for Dave Forest, reporting on precious metals rising, but not helping Vancouver's Juniors much. Political excitement in Ecuador has mixed results for mining companies. The economic outlook in the U.S. and China remains key.

Taking Stock of Zinc- April 21

We've seen impressive run-ups for many commodities over the past year-uranium, copper, gold and even less-followed metals such as lead have all seen double-digit percentage growth in price.