Daily Dispatch


The View from the Summit of Hubbert’s Peak

The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries pledged this week that it will pump oil above its official quota limits in an effort to cool oil prices. But even OPEC has all but conceded that there is very little they can do to bring crude down substantially.


An Interview with Jim Rogers – 3/17/2005

In this KitcoCasey exclusive, best-selling author and investor Jim Rogers tells us why commodities are still the best buy these days, and outlines his strategy for profiting from the current bull market.


Technical Talk: Mid-Week 3/17/05

That was somewhat of a hair raiser on Monday. One would have thought that the bottom fell out of the gold market from the way many commentators were writing on Tuesday morning.


A Snapshot Look at Oil 3/15/05

The oil price has been soaring, along with other commodities. Many feel that oil is already so high, it's unlikely to rise much further. Our technical analysis, however, indicates otherwise.