Daily Dispatch

Time to Buy Gold

Gold has been declining for nearly three months, which has discouraged some gold investors. But putting this weakness into perspective, things still look bullish for the metal.

The Truth Behind the Proposal to Sell IMF Gold

The real reason for Britain's push to sell central bank gold has nothing to do with helping poor countries....


Foreign Purchases of US Treasuries Update – 2/18/05

Interest rates may head higher on slowed foreign buying of American debt.


Nevsun Back in Business

After weathering the storm of developing world politics, Nevsun Resources appears to be back on track at one of...


Diversifying Your Portfolio with Polymetallic Deposits

Multi-metal ores offer a natural way to hedge your investment bets.


Oil Price: An X-Factor in Mining Profits

The current simultaneous oil boom and run-up in metals prices sounds like a dream come true for commodities investors....


Are Central Banks Buying Fewer Dollars?

Have foreign banks been keeping the U.S. economy afloat by purchasing billions in Treasury bills? Little-known numbers from the...