Daily Dispatch

A Snapshot Look at Oil 3/15/05

The oil price has been soaring, along with other commodities. Many feel that oil is already so high, it's unlikely to rise much further. Our technical analysis, however, indicates otherwise.

Is the Gold Price Being Managed? 3/15/05

On March 10th GATA (www.gata.org) issued a press release that presented an analysis of the gold market prepared by...


The Currency Conundrum – An Interview with Paul van Eeden

In this, the first of a three-part interview with Paul van Eeden he provides important insights into the currency...


Foreign Treasuries Purchases Update 3/11/05

Credit markets, like any market, are driven by supply and demand. Suppliers of credit are bond buyers, and the...


X-Factor: Currency and Mining Investment

Changes in exchange rates can erase a mining company's profits almost overnight. Here's how experienced investors protect themselves.


Canadian Market Round Up – 3/4/2005

A look back at this week's movers and shakers in the Canadian resources industry.


Is Gold a Better Investment than Oil?

Despite the recent spike in oil prices, data shows that gold may still offer better long-term profits.