Daily Dispatch

Technical Talk: Mid-Week Edition 7/28/05

Gold ended the first three days of the week slightly on the down side. It has also established a short term down trend from its highs early in July to those late in July.

Due Diligence 101

A half hour of internet research can help make the difference between making a profit and losing your money...


A Snowball in the Making: China’s Basket of Currencies

China's announcement to abandon its U.S. dollar peg in favor of a basket of currencies has to be seen...


Technical Talk: Week-End Edition 7/25/05

A couple of weeks ago the U.S. $ Index broke through the third FAN trend line, often referred to...


Interest rates are headed higher in the long term

Interest rates have surprised most economists in the last year, as it was expected that long-term rates would rise...


Technical Talk: Week-End Edition 7/18/05

The US$ moves up a little, gold moves down a little, is the game of opposite movements in progress...


Canadian Market Round Up, Week of 7/15/05

Bear Creek hits silver, UEX tags uranium, Cameco eyes Boomerang, Continental cut gold-copper in Tibet and more this week...