By Chris Reilly, managing editor, Casey Daily Dispatch

After avoiding the cocaine fields and guerilla fighters, he finally made it to the rope bridge…

If it broke, he would’ve plunged into a river 130 feet below.

Luckily, he crossed it no problem.

It wasn’t the first time the “Indiana Jones of gold” risked his life…

• I’m talking about my friend Dave Forest…

Dave’s our in-house geologist. He’s also a global explorer and successful gold stock speculator.

He doesn’t sit behind a desk all day looking at charts. He goes out and faces danger head-on.

Another time, in the dense jungles of Laos, he dodged landmines left over from the Vietnam War.

But that wasn’t the worst part… He got chased by land leeches. Dave sprinted away, but his partner wasn’t so lucky.

You’re probably wondering why Dave would do this.


All this danger pays off…

• During his trip to Colombia, Dave discovered an 11-million-ounce gold deposit…

At today’s prices, that’s $16.5 billion worth of gold.

Afterwards, Dave co-founded a company to develop the resource, raising $80 million. The stock went up 4,800% before Dave’s company got bought out.

As you can see, Dave’s bold approach pays off.

• But here’s the thing…

There’s a new way to find hidden gold deposits.

One that’s highly accurate…

Gives Dave an incredibly unfair advantage…

And allows him to find potential gold deposits around the world… without risking his life.

• This week, Dave flew down to our headquarters in Delray Beach, Florida to tell me all about it…

He shared all the details behind this technology.

In short, he’s now able to find gold… from space.

That’s right.

Dave has access to a satellite imaging system that helps him find large, undiscovered – or unannounced – deposits on land staked by small mining companies.

It’s incredible. More importantly, it works.

In fact, Dave used it to make 5,205% in 49 days after finding a large deposit outside of Reno, Nevada. Dave staked the land himself and later sold it to a firm.

Dave also used this satellite technology recently in Mongolia to uncover untapped gold. His system steered him within 300 feet of the hidden deposit.

In other words, what would have taken days – or weeks – of onsite, “Indiana Jones”-style exploring took just a few hours.

Because Dave knew exactly where to look.

We know not everyone can use it to go out and stake land like Dave. But there’s an easier way to make gains…

• Dave also applies the satellite method to find the best gold stocks for his readers…

Specifically, junior miners…

These are the really small ones that Dave and his team focus on.

As regular readers know, gold has come alive, going from $1,270 in May to $1,500 in August. And despite yesterday’s drop, it’s still up 16% on the year.


Dave says the long-term case is more bullish than ever.

• And the best way to play the coming gold boom is with junior gold mining stocks…

They provide leverage to a rising gold price. In other words, when gold moves an inch, small junior miners can move a mile.

And now’s the time to get in. Here’s Dave with more:

We’ve seen gold stocks move up a little bit with this last run since June. Some of the larger ones have gone up 100%. But the juniors have not participated yet.

And as we go into Act II of this gold bull market, traditionally those really small stocks outperform later in the bull market.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the next leg up in gold, consider betting on junior miners.

You can gain exposure to the junior gold mining sector with shares of the VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ), which holds a basket of junior gold miners.

But to access the most explosive names in the space, you need to turn to Dave.

Using the satellite method, he’s found the top three junior miners with large, undiscovered – or unannounced – deposits.

And that means their stocks are primed to take off.

I want to say one last thing…

• I saw this system work firsthand in Miami earlier this year…

Dave did a live demonstration.

It was fascinating… but I’ll admit… I did have some questions.

But he explained it all to me in full detail this week during his visit.

And now, you can see for yourself exactly how it works in his live demonstration.

Just go here to see all the proof.


Chris Reilly
Managing Editor, Casey Daily Dispatch