If you’ve been following along in the Dispatch, you know gold’s been one of our biggest themes. And for good reason – the metal is closing in on its best year since 2010.

As I showed you on Monday, we see this trend continuing in 2020. And the first step to take advantage is buying some physical gold and holding it for the long term.

But for those willing to take on a little extra risk, there’s another way to seriously juice your returns… I’m talking 1,000%-plus in the coming years.

In fact, our resource expert Dave Forest says it’s “the most profitable opportunity I know of – one where you can turn a small stake into millions.”

And now’s your perfect window to take advantage.

I’ll tell you why in a second. And how you can start profiting today.

  • But first, let me tell you why it pays to listen to Dave…

Dave’s our in-house geologist and heads up our International Speculator newsletter. He’s spent his 20-year investing career searching for new discoveries and breakthroughs.

He also founded his own mineral exploration and development companies, raising over $80 million in equity financing from some of the most well-known resource investors in North America.

His work takes him to the most remote corners of the globe, from the heights of the Andes to the barren wastes of Mongolia, the Russian tundra, and even the deserts of the southwestern United States.

Here he is in action, surveying a mine in Nevada recently:


Dave (far left) in the underground kicking rocks

I’ve worked closely with Dave for the past two years. And I can tell you that his travel and expertise have paid off for his readers.

One of his mining picks is up 117% in just the past five months. One of his gold miners is up 149% since January 23. Another gold miner is up 125% this year.

And this is just the beginning.


As regular readers know, Dave says we’re entering a commodities boom unlike anything he’s ever seen.

And one specific sector of the commodities market is primed to take off.

  • I’m talking about junior miners…

These are small exploration companies on the hunt for the next discovery.

And this is where Dave says the most money will be made in the years to come.

Simply put, discoveries equal money.

Some of the quickest gains in mining investing come when tiny juniors make strikes in unexpected places.

But don’t just take my word for it.

  • Take a look at some of these examples…

Dave and his team compiled a timeline of mining discoveries over the past 35 years.

Some of these companies took less than a year to go from penny stocks to billion-dollar buyouts. And many of them made billions in profits for shareholders – shooting up thousands of percentage points on the back of discoveries.

Take Diamond Fields, for example. Now a legendary tale in mining exploration, the company was pursuing diamonds in Africa, but held a few properties in Canada. And that’s where two geologists stumbled onto one of the world’s biggest nickel deposits. It wasn’t long before a major miner stepped in to buy the company for C$4.5 billion.

This caused Diamond Fields’ shares to soar 2,025% in less than a year.


Or take Aurelian Resources… The company saw potential in a part of Ecuador few others had looked at. The stock took off, and Kinross Gold bought the company just 30 months later for C$1.2 billion.

Aurelian Resources rocketed 1,230% in just seven months.


Or how about Virginia Mines, which soared 1,260% in under 22 months thanks to its high-grade gold discovery in Quebec…


These are parabolic gains.

And now, Dave says we’re on the verge of the next round of discoveries. Here’s what he told me yesterday in a private email:

Mineral discoveries – the kind that generate massive profits – happen when junior companies drill. There’s a lot of surface prep work that can give indications of a big score lurking at depth. But ultimately, a test hole needs to be sunk to find out exactly what’s below the ground.

That’s happening now. Drilling budgets from juniors have surged in recent months because of rising financial activity in the sector, and that means new holes going down – giving investors multiple chances at big finds across the industry. This is the kind of environment where exploration stocks can rocket higher, very quickly.

  • If you’d like to profit off this next phase in discoveries, this is your chance…

The best way to make the biggest gains from gold stocks is to buy individual companies.

But if you want an easy, one-click way to get exposure to some of these companies, you could always check out the VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ). It’s a basket of junior gold miners… and a way to get your feet wet in the sector. 

Just remember, junior mining stocks are volatile. Never bet more money than you can afford to lose.


Chris Reilly
Managing Editor, Casey Daily Dispatch

P.S. Dave goes the extra mile to bring his readers opportunities to profit off the best money-making trends. Whether it’s boots-on-the-ground research in Fiji, Uzbekistan, or Mongolia… or poring over hundreds of pages of drill results… he is always looking out for his subscribers.

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