First, thank you to everyone who’s written to wish me and Jo well on our move to Arizona. Many asked if I planned to continue working and the answer is most emphatically, yes!

No matter where we live, it’s exciting to wake up each morning and work with a top-notch research and editorial team helping others grow and protect their wealth.

Because You Asked

As we drove across the country with hundreds of unread messages piling up in our personal inboxes, it became clear just how much email we sort through each day. That brings me to an exciting change underfoot at Money Forever. Because many of our loyal subscribers have asked, we’re shifting to a “less is more” approach. These changes will help you:

  • De-clutter your inbox;
  • Quickly find news and analysis better-tailored to your interests;
  • Access information when you want it;
  • Read up on a wider range of economic and investing topics; and
  • Get better acquainted with sector experts and unique moneymaking opportunities.

In other words, we’re putting you back in the driver’s seat.

Don’t fret! We will continue to write regularly—even more often, in fact—on topics that matter to retirement and income investors. But, these posts won’t hit your inbox every time, nor will we publish an e-letter each Thursday. You’ll still receive email from us, but only when we have big news to share.

Bookmark Our New Web Address

So, where will you find our short posts and in-depth articles? On the soon-to-be revamped Casey Research website, where we’re rolling out changes over the next few weeks. Add it to your favorites and check in often to read research, analysis, and commentary from the Money Forever team and the rest of our Casey colleagues. Many of them—Louis James, Bud Conrad, and Marin Katusa, to name a few—are likely familiar to you already.

While I’m sure some will miss the predictability of a weekly e-letter, this shift will give you better, more comprehensive access to the information you want while streamlining your inbox (a boon we all need). Frankly, I’m eagerly looking forward to the shift, and I hope you are too.

Thank you all for your feedback thus far. Please, keep it coming. If you have thoughts on the transition, please share them. If there’s a subject you want to hear more about, let us know. If have a different perspective to add, send it our way. Keep in touch, and we will too.

And don’t forget to bookmark

Until next time…