By Andrey Dashkov, analyst, Casey Research

Nick Giambruno

Gold’s taken a hit this year. So far in 2021, it’s down almost 9%.

We always say here at Casey Research that gold – or any asset – never goes up in a straight line. Some corrections are par for the course.

And with the Fed printing more money, adding trillions to its balance sheet… and interest rates headed lower… our bullish outlook on gold remains intact.

But there will be more ups and downs along the way. That’s why we spill a lot of ink in these pages talking about ways to get leverage to the price of gold.

When I say leverage, I mean a performance boost.

Regular readers know gold miners are one of our favorites. They tend to outperform gold in good times… and offer downside protection in bad.

But there’s another little-known corner of the gold market I want to show you today… one that can deliver gains many times higher than even gold stocks – without putting much at risk. In fact, investors Richard Branson and Warren Buffett have been known to use this strategy.

This area of the gold market is flying under the radar of most everyday investors.

But if you had known about it, you could be sitting on gains over 100% right now… after just a couple of weeks. And the best part is, that’s chump change compared with some of the other gains on offer…

The Gold Strategy That Keeps Delivering

Let me show you what I mean.

Take Gold Royalty. As the name implies, it’s a gold royalty company. That means it funds exploration on a property, and collects a royalty on the gold mined and produced there.

It just went public on March 9. At writing, its shares are already up 23%. Not bad.

But something else happened that you should know about…

Gold Royalty listed another security on the public markets that same day. You could have bought it just as easily as its regular shares, right from your brokerage account. And these investors are up 140% in the same period.

I’m talking about something called warrants. If you’re not familiar with them, don’t worry. Few investors know this area exists. But it’s one of our favorite strategies here at Casey Research.

That’s because oftentimes, warrants outperform company shares – and then some. Just take a look at the chart below.


The best part? Gold Royalty’s shares trade at $4.50… while the warrants are just $0.98.

That means you can get access to all this upside – without added risk.

Keep in mind, I’m not recommending Gold Royalty’s shares or warrants today. I’m just using them as an example.

The point is, realizing a 140% return in under one month is quite an achievement. But my colleague Dave Forest has nailed down a strategy for generating these returns consistently…

Supercharge Your Returns With Just $100

Take Sandstorm Gold as an example. It’s another gold royalty company.

At its peak in July 2020, the company’s stock was up 156% compared to its March 2020 lows… while gold was up just 27%.

That’s pretty good.

But readers of Dave’s Strategic Trader advisory didn’t have to settle for “pretty good” returns. They did much better than that with Sandstorm’s warrants. Over the same period, they were up 988%.

That would have turned a $100 investment… into over $1,000.


And again, the best part is, you don’t have to put much at risk with warrants. At its peak, Sandstorm shares were $14.09. Its warrants were trading at just $8.70, about 40% cheaper.

With warrants, you get exposure to all the upside… without betting the farm.

How to Access the Best Warrants

I’m not just picking a couple exceptional examples to put on your radar. Dave’s shown readers these kinds of gains consistently. In 2020 alone, Strategic Trader readers had a shot at gains like 664%… 2,805%… even 4,942%.

These returns are staggering… and you don’t have to put too much capital at risk. In fact, if you put just $1,000 into each of those three positions, you’d have over $87,110 now.

That is exactly why we like warrants. They have enormous potential. And just a small stake can make a huge difference for your financial future.

But while trading warrants from your brokerage account is easy… finding the best ones on your own is difficult. It’s why Dave uses the most advanced research tools available to bring only the best warrants with triple- and quadruple-digit potential to his readers.

And his portfolio is on fire right now. One position is up as high as 1,319%. And there’s plenty of “modest” triple-digit winners like 263%… 298%… and 321%.

That’s why Dave decided to bring warrants to his Strategic Investor advisory, too. This powerful investment strategy has been kept hidden from everyday folks for far too long.

Dave even put together the first-of-its-kind Warrants Master Course training series, to help you get into warrants with ease. It’ll walk you through everything you need to know about warrants… how to trade them… and reveal his top pick.

Just go right here to access Dave’s exclusive training series.

Warrants are simply the best way for smart speculators to build their wealth. And this strategy might not stay a secret for much longer…

Good investing,


Andrey Dashkov
Analyst, Casey Research