By David Forest, editor, Strategic Trader

Nick Giambruno

It didn’t take long. Within days of taking office, President Biden declared war right here in America. Targeting people who have been at the center of some of the biggest moves in the economy during the last decade…

Oil and gas drillers.

On January 20, President Biden ordered a freeze on all new oil and gas projects on federal lands across America.

And more recently, Biden’s unveiled a new $2 trillion initiative to prioritize sustainable infrastructure and clean energy.

This “New War” is creating a massive shift. Many green energy stocks soared on the news.

But one particular class of investments in green energy did even better…

In fact, one on my radar climbed over 80% in just a couple of months.

I’ll tell you more about it below… and share how you can get in on even bigger returns.

Upside Unlike Any Normal Stock

Take a look at the “weird” trading symbol below…

Many investors didn’t – and still don’t – understand what it is.

But it’s consistently been one of the biggest daily gainers on my screen the last few months.

The “.WS” signifies this security is something called a warrant. It’s a trend I’ve been following for some time.

I won’t get too deep into the details here. But a warrant gives the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy a share of stock at a fixed price at any time during a predetermined period.

Now, that may sound confusing or complicated. But warrants are actually extremely easy to buy – just as easy as any stock.

The best part is, warrants are different from a regular stock in one key way: they come with explosive upside that often outperforms the “normal” stock…

Let me show you what I mean.

These MP.WS warrants shown above are for a rare earths mining company called MP Materials. Rare earths are key to the green energy buildout. And MP Materials owns America’s only operational rare earths mine. (Keep in mind, I’m not recommending MP Materials’ stock or warrants. I’m just using them as an example.)

Check out the share price for the common stock of MP Materials. Since January, it’s jumped over 40%. Pretty good.

But now, look at the price chart for the MP Materials warrants. Remember, these warrants are just as easy to buy as MP’s stock. But the difference in gains is striking.

Since January, MP Materials warrants soared 81%. These warrants multiplied the gains on the common stock.

I know which one I’d want to own.

We’re Just Getting Started

My team and I have used warrants to book absolutely phenomenal gains in the past year. One of these investments yielded a maximum 4,942% – enough to turn $1,000 invested into an incredible $50,420.

Another of these investments returned 2,805% for us. If you’d thrown in just $500 on this investment, you would have walked away with over $14,000…

That’s because my colleague, John Pangere, has written extensively about his proprietary system for finding the best warrants for our Strategic Trader advisory.

In fact, John is one of the only analysts anywhere publishing research on warrants. It’s a sector that even the biggest investment banks largely ignore in their research (although investment bankers themselves love warrants. They’re one of the best-kept secrets of billionaire investors.)

One of the best parts about warrants is they allow us to invest in almost any industry. And we’ve used them for stellar gains in some of the hottest sectors: esports and sports betting… the 5G boom… cannabis…

You name it – there’s a warrant for that.

But I’m particularly excited about warrants in another hot play right now: green energy.

Just look at the warrants I showed above. I believe that’s just the beginning…

If You Don’t Grab These Gains, Someone Else Will

Many of these warrants trade on major U.S. stock exchanges. And they’re as simple to buy as regular stocks. But the hard part is knowing how to find them… and how to pick the best ones.

Luckily, that’s exactly what John Pangere and I do – using his unique warrants system – to bring exciting warrant investments with the biggest upside to our Strategic Trader advisory.

And we don’t want anyone to miss out on this explosive strategy. That’s why we decided to bring warrants to our Strategic Investor advisory, too.

We even put together the first-of-its-kind, five-video Warrants Master Course to help you get into the world of warrants with ease. (Subscribers can review the PDF version here.) It’ll walk you through exactly how to trade these warrants, right from your brokerage account. And our top pick to get you started.

Just go right here to access it.

Keep walking the path,


David Forest
Editor, Strategic Trader