By Justin Spittler, editor, Casey Daily Dispatch

The left wants to bury the oil and gas industry.

It wants to regulate the industry out of existence… just like coal.

We’re told this is for our own good… that getting rid of fossil fuels will save the planet.

This, of course, is because fossil fuels are considered “dirty.” They’re to blame for climate change… or so we’re told.

But this isn’t tough talk. The left recently ramped up its war on fossil fuels…

• In fact, the Democratic Party is rallying behind an aggressive climate policy proposal…

It’s called the Green New Deal (GND).

The objective is – you guessed it – to make America’s economy “green.” To accomplish this, the GND aims to eliminate fossil fuels within the decade… and replace them with green energy sources.

That sounds great. After all, who doesn’t want a healthier planet?

Doug Casey sees things differently. He says climate change hysteria is really about the government trying to snatch even more power:

Climate science has been turned from a legitimate branch of knowledge into a new age religion, where heretics are persecuted. It’s become a means to centralize even more power in the State. After all, the fate of the Earth is at stake!

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• Most people wouldn’t dare say something like this…

After all, you’re automatically labeled a heretic if you question environmentalists.

But Doug isn’t like most people. He doesn’t toe the line. He’s not politically correct (PC). Instead, he says what’s on his mind… even if that means offending people. 

That’s a rare commodity these days.

It’s why the theme of this week and next is “Totally Incorrect.” So expect to hear some of Doug’s hottest and most controversial takes… stuff that no one else has the guts to say.

Today is no exception. In fact, I’m about to show you how to profit off one of the most politically incorrect energy sources.

• I’m talking about nuclear power…

Nuclear power is one of the most dependable energy sources. It provides power around the clock. It doesn’t matter if the wind’s blowing or the sun’s shining.

It’s also one of the cleanest sources of power we have. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, nuclear power produces less air pollution than solar, wind, or hydro.

It’s also cheap… and much safer than people think. Now, I know that most people think of Fukushima and Chernobyl when the topic turns to nuclear energy. But that’s just hysteria. Take it from Doug:

The number of people who’ve died because of nuclear isn’t even a rounding error compared to other mass energy sources. Coal kills hundreds of miners directly every year, and thousands more with its pollutants. When a dam collapses the numbers can be huge. As happened with the 1975 Banqiao catastrophe in China, which killed 179,000, and made 11 million homeless.

In short, nuclear power should play a huge role in the GND. But it’s been left out of the plan. 

In fact, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), one of the authors of the GND, says, “There is no space for nuclear power” in America’s future. And that “the plan is to transition off of nuclear and all fossil fuels as soon as possible.”

In other words, the left doesn’t just want to bury the oil and gas industries. It wants to eliminate nuclear power, too.

It’s as if they don’t really care about the environment.

• Most people wouldn’t dare say something like that…

It’s not PC.

But again, our job at Casey Research isn’t to say things people want to hear. It’s to say things that people need to hear.

My recent conversation with Doug on climate change is a perfect example of this. If you read that interview, you know what I mean. Doug didn’t mince words on this controversial topic. Case in point:

The big danger isn’t climate change, it’s hysteria. And government, and the types who manipulate it, destroying the economy. I’m afraid that many scientists on the global warming bandwagon are there for purely selfish economic reasons. Unfortunately most science funding today is done directly and indirectly through the government. It’s a political process.

In other words, Doug doesn’t think a warming planet is the biggest threat facing us.

Instead, it’s out-of-control governments that are using climate change to enrich themselves and seize more control over your everyday life.

That’s why the left favors wind and solar energy. It would cost trillions of dollars to build out the infrastructure for these energy sources. That plays right into its agenda.

But here’s the thing…

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• Not every U.S. politician hates nuclear power…

In fact, the most powerful politician in the world is a huge supporter of nuclear power.

I’m talking about President Trump, of course.

Before becoming president, Trump said, “I’m very strongly in favor of nuclear energy” and that, “We do need nuclear energy and we need a lot of it fast.”

Since taking office, Trump’s stayed true to this message.

The White House already instructed the Department of Energy to place a two-year moratorium on nuclear power plant closures. It also ordered an investigation to determine whether the U.S. uranium supply poses a national security threat.

Uranium is what powers nuclear power plants. But only 7% of our uranium supply comes from domestic sources. The rest comes from abroad. And about one-third comes from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan – or the former Soviet Union.

This is why Trump called for an investigation into the matter. And many analysts think that the government could soon require 25% of the U.S. uranium supply to come from domestic sources – so we don’t have to rely on foreign imports. That’s about three times more uranium than U.S. producers currently provide.

• In short, Trump thinks uranium will be playing a bigger role in America’s future…

This is good news for the nuclear energy industry.

It’s also bullish for uranium stocks… particularly domestic producers.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that domestic uranium stocks have been on a tear lately.

In fact, Energy Fuels (UUUU) is up 53% since I first wrote about Trump’s plan last June. Ur-Energy (URG), another domestic uranium producer, is up 14% over the same period.

Those are huge moves for such a short period. But it’s likely just a taste of what’s to come.

• Uranium stocks are some of the most explosive on the planet…

But don’t take my word for it. Doug says uranium stocks are even more explosive than gold stocks:

When the market wants into gold stocks it’s like trying to force the contents of Hoover Dam through a garden hose. In the case of uranium stocks, it’s more like a soda straw. It’s a very small market.

Doug would know, too. He once made 86,900% from Paladin Energy. That’s a truly life-changing gain.

But even blue-chip stocks can deliver monster returns when the uranium market heats up. Take Cameco – the world’s largest publicly traded uranium company. It surged more than 1,000% during the last uranium bull market.

Most investors would kill for these returns. But don’t worry if you missed out on that huge rally. The next uranium bull market could deliver even bigger returns.

• I say this because the uranium market’s been absolutely devastated…

Forbes reported last month:

The market capitalization of uranium stocks was approximately $130 billion pre-Fukushima with 450-plus companies in the uranium space. Today it’s about 40 companies with a market cap of under $10 billion.

Most investors want nothing to do with industries that have been decimated like this. But this is the sort of “bloodbath” that Doug loves speculating on:

You are only likely to get 1,000 percent returns over a business cycle in those investment areas which have already crashed and have hit bottom. The path to low-risk profits is to “buy low and sell high,” and this method enables you to put the theory into practice.

Of course, Trump’s pro-nuclear stance is hardly the only reason to be bullish on uranium.

• Demand for uranium is set to explode…

I say this because 50 nuclear reactors are currently under construction. That’s in addition to the 450 reactors that are already consuming uranium on a regular basis.

Thirteen of those reactors should be ready this year. Another 13 will be completed next year.

In addition, 126 other reactors are in the planning phases, and another 383 have been proposed.

• In short, don’t let anti-nuclear hysteria scare you away from this huge money-making opportunity…

Nuclear power is simply too important for the left to bury.

So consider speculating on uranium stocks if you haven’t yet.

Just remember that these are some of the most volatile stocks on the planet. Treat them like a speculation. Don’t bet more money than you can afford to lose… and take profits as they come.

Also, keep an eye out for tomorrow’s Conversations With Casey. In it, Doug and I explore this topic in even more depth. You won’t want to miss it.


Justin Spittler
Florianópolis, Brazil
March 21, 2019

P.S. Being politically incorrect can make you a millionaire.

Doug is living proof of this. I don’t say this just because Doug’s a best-selling author who says whatever he wants.

No. Doug’s also made a fortune speculating on politically incorrect assets – and not just uranium. He’s also made huge returns on other controversial assets, such as gold, bitcoin, and marijuana.

But here’s the thing.

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Reader Mailbag

Some of our readers write in to tell us they agree with our founder…

One thinks that the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction:

Gentlemen, first let me say I almost totally agree with Casey’s sentiments. The U.S. is definitely heading in the wrong direction.

What I would really like to see in one of Casey’s conversations is, “what does he recommend sensible people do?” Don’t tell us to invest in all the mumbo jumbo financial programs but tell us where we relocate to; how much of our investments do we split to gold, bonds, stocks, real estate; what country (or countries) he recommends for alternate living locations; how we can turn this situation around in the U.S.

I am afraid that with all of our young people being educated by socialists and quasi-communists, this destructive tide cannot be reversed. So stop pontificating and give your readers some meat. Regards!

– Robert

And another reader agrees with Doug that the U.S. is becoming a police state

Dear Sirs, yes, I absolutely agree that the U.S. is becoming, slowly but surely, a police state. In fact, I agree with most everything Mr. Casey has said to me through his writings and interviews. Which is odd, because I’m sure I’m not considered to be the target demographic. Thanks for your interesting publications. Best regards.

– Ginger

Thanks for writing in, Ginger. Our target demographic is anyone who’s interested in what’s really going on in America today. Keep your feedback coming at [email protected].