Dear Reader,

Short and sweet here. We're not gold bugs, in the sense of gold being the only thing we care about. We do, however, still see gold as an absolutely essential wealth preservation vehicle. We also see more upside in precious metals stocks as a class than almost anything else in the financial world.

That said, various indicators are still bearish for gold in the very near-term, so we've recommended more GLD puts as “insurance” for the downside, and are looking for opportunities to diversify. We've written about platinum and palladium as vehicles for doing so before, but now the upside in both is looking increasingly imminent.

Jeff Clark has an update on the “other” precious metals below. Whether or not you want our recommendations on how to play it, the analysis should help guide and support your investment strategy.

Good hunting,

Louis James
Senior Metals Investment Strategist
Casey Research

Rock & Stock Stats
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One Year Ago
Gold 1,243.70 1,342.60 1,728.20
Silver 19.83 22.79 33.35
Copper 3.20 3.34 3.50
Oil 94.84 98.30 87.38
Gold Producers (GDX) 22.25 26.02 48.08
Gold Junior Stocks (GDXJ) 32.50 40.76 88.40
Silver Stocks (SIL) 11.50 13.59 22.93
TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) 13.478.34 13,248.06 12,153.10
TSX Venture 932.15 971.68 1,248.36