Governments want to get rid of physical cash. Paper currency is just too private. Digital cash is much easier to track, tax, and confiscate.

Unfortunately, most Americans are too clueless to resist what’s coming. Casey Research contributor Jeff Thomas says the sheeple will agree to anything that’s sold as a panacea to their economic woes.

The US government is just waiting for the right opportunity… which Jeff believes will be the next financial crisis. Politicians will blame it on people who “hoard” their cash. Good citizens, you see, give their cash to a bank for safekeeping. We can’t have people hiding cash outside the system under their mattresses.

You can almost hear President Hillary on TV: “Effective immediately, all cash will be digitized. You have 60 days to deposit your paper dollars with a bank. This is for the good of the people.”

Equity Crowdfunding Comes to Main Street

America is about to experience a financial revolution. And for once, Wall Street will be on the losing end.

Crowdfunding—the fine art of raising money from thousands of strangers—is already wildly popular. But until now, only a small subset of wealthy people could earn profits from a crowdfunded investment. Everyone else could earn only “rewards.” Help fund an indie movie, and you might get a signed movie poster in return. But no cut of the profits.

That all changes in late May. New regulations will eliminate virtually all restrictions on equity crowdfunding. Small companies will be able to sell equity directly to anyone without the need for Wall Street middlemen, writes Senior Editor Doug Hornig.

The Price of Gold Is Near Its All-Time Low in Real” Terms

The government has been understating inflation for decades. We asked John Williams of ShadowStats to measure the “real” price of gold using more realistic inflation data.

What he found is amazing. Adjusted for inflation, the real price of gold price is now approaching its 2001 low.

Gold isn’t just a sound currency, it’s a value investment, too.

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