Rachel’s note: We’re in the middle of a health care revolution. A new technology is changing the way we think about medicine… diagnose illnesses… and treat symptoms.

Right now, during one of the worst pandemics in modern history, this cutting-edge tech is more important than ever. And our colleague Jeff Brown says it’s sparking a massive wealth-creation event…

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By Jeff Brown, editor, The Bleeding Edge

Jeff Brown

What I remember most clearly was the gasp…

The audience literally recoiled. People couldn’t believe what they had just heard.

Did he really just say that?!

It was November 2019. I was on the MIT campus, attending an invite-only biotechnology conference.

Industry executives and researchers had gathered to share the latest breakthroughs. This was easily one of the highest-quality conferences I’d attended all year.

If the building had collapsed, the biotech industry would have ground to a halt. That’s the level of talent that was in attendance.

There were so many applications to attend, the executive editor had to turn away more people than there were in attendance.

And what I learned that day shocked me.

I believe it could signal one of the greatest wealth-building opportunities in history…

The God Key

During the conference, I attended a presentation on CRISPR genetic editing technology.

CRISPR technology can “edit” our DNA as if it were software code. It is a way to “program” the genome and remove the “typos” – or, in genetic terms, the “mutations” – from DNA.

In the past, I’ve referred to CRISPR as “the God Key” because of its potential to cure thousands of genetic diseases.

And CRISPR is a big part of a growing trend in technology that I’ve been calling “precision medicine.” It’s an emerging approach to treating and preventing diseases by considering each person’s genetic makeup, environment, and lifestyle.

This isn’t just another drug or treatment… precision medicine offers a whole new way of thinking about health care.

Instead of waiting until we get sick, we’ll use technology to identify problems before we have any symptoms. If we do get sick, we’ll replace our current “one size fits all” methods with personalized care designed for our specific genetic makeup. And we’ll discover real cures for diseases… not just treatments for the symptoms.

As you can see, this is a health care revolution.

And we’re getting early indications that CRISPR technology works…

The First Human Trials

Back in February 2019, genetic editing companies began gene editing trials to treat a pair of blood disorders: beta thalassemia and sickle cell disease.

During the biotech conference, we heard about safety and efficacy data from the world’s first CRISPR genetic editing human trial for these diseases. The results were outstanding.

Researchers had initially treated two patients with CRISPR therapy – one with sickle cell and the other with beta thalassemia. At the time, both of those patients had been free from disease symptoms since the treatment.

The beta thalassemia patient had not needed a blood transfusion in nine months. This was amazing considering patients with this disease typically need blood transfusions every two to four weeks. And the sickle cell patient had not suffered a crisis in four months.

In June this year, we got an update from these trials. Close to the one-year anniversary of receiving the treatment, the sickle cell patient reported that the treatment had alleviated “virtually all the complications of her disorder.”

The CRISPR treatment had similar long-term success with beta thalassemia. A second patient had been treated as well. Within five months, that patient was able to stop receiving blood transfusions.

And this November, we got another update. Several more patients have been added to the trials, and results continue to be excellent. The first beta thalassemia patient has now gone 15 months without needing a transfusion. And the first sickle cell patient still hasn’t had any crisis episodes, after previously averaging seven a year.

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but this is just incredible.

This wasn’t a case of just an improvement or some demonstration of efficacy; the genetic therapy was a complete cure of their conditions.

As incredible as that was, it was not what shocked me most…

The Audience Gasped

During the conference, I attended a roundtable discussion with an executive at a little-known CRISPR genetic editing company.

At first, the discussion was your usual fare. They were discussing the technology, efficacy, and clinical trials.

But then the executive did something very unusual. I’m not sure if he was flustered, caught off guard, or simply let something slip. But he said three words. And the audience gasped.

Now, because this was a closed-door meeting, I’m not allowed to disclose precisely what was said.

But I’ll say this: After I heard that executive speak, I had total conviction that this technology worked as promised.

That’s why I held a special event where I shared my No. 1 small-cap biotech stock.

It’s a company I believe is on the bleeding-edge of the precision medicine trend. And once that news breaks about its cure, I believe this company’s stock could soar in a single day… perhaps going as high as 1,000%.

If you only ever invest in one precision medicine stock, it should be this one. So make sure to watch the free replay of my event… and learn all the details.


Jeff Brown
Editor, The Bleeding Edge