Rachel’s note: Last week, we caught up with Casey Research founder Doug Casey to hear his thoughts on the riots that erupted at the Capitol earlier this year.

Today, we’re bringing you another Conversations With Casey. And as usual, Doug holds nothing back…

Read on for Doug’s take on former President Trump’s ensuing ban from some social media sites… and why Doug believes it’s a “dangerous” sign of America’s decline…

Rachel Bodden, managing editor, Casey Research: Doug, last week we talked about the Capitol riots… which led to former President Trump being banned from Facebook, Twitter, and more sites. There was a lot of outcry… is this just the free market at work, or a violation of the First Amendment?

Doug Casey, founder, Casey Research: And don’t forget about Amazon working with the others to crush Parler, because conservatives were migrating to it from Twitter.

The situation is confusing on the surface. Twitter, Amazon, Google, and the rest of them are ostensibly private companies. As a libertarian, an anarcho-capitalist, I believe both individuals and companies have the right to do what they’d like, as long as they don’t engage in physical force or fraud.

That philosophical view is buttressed by the freedom of speech clause in the First Amendment. As William Douglas, a former Supreme Court Justice, said many years ago, the First Amendment is an absolute. Actually, the entire Bill of Rights was intended as an absolute. Now it’s almost entirely a dead letter. But that’s another story…

That said, it should follow that private companies can ban whoever they want. The fact Big Tech is actually doing so on a massive scale, however ­– deplatforming Trump and thousands of others – is scary. It’s an outward sign of an inner rot. The fact that Trump was supported and voted for by 75 million adults, but isn’t allowed to communicate with them, is a sign that something is seriously wrong.

It’s further proof – should anyone need more – that the Deep State is a real thing.

I’ve always had a lot of problems with Trump, but he was the only president in recent times who wasn’t a card-carrying member of the Deep State. That’s not because of any philosophical beliefs on his part; he’s a total opportunist, and doesn’t have any morals, which I explained here in 2018. He simply doesn’t like others telling him what to do – which isn’t a bad thing.

Look at Dole, the two Bushes, Romney, and McCain. They had no conservative views at all; they were Democrats disguised as Republicans – not that being a Republican means anything. The point is they were all Company Men, loyal to the Deep State. Trump was a loose cannon.

Look at the lineup of 2016 Republican candidates. Trump was the only one that stood out, saying anything that actually represented what people wanted to hear. He’s a populist, a rabble-rouser, a culturally conservative version of Bernie Sanders.

The ruling class – and make no mistake, the U.S. has one – are statist, authoritarian, and elitist. With at least a patina of SJW ideology, make-believe “diversity,” and wokeness. What’s happened is that the business and political elites have melded. That’s natural enough. Money and power are natural bedfellows.

Mussolini was the first to spell it out explicitly. Unlike many statist and collectivist authoritarians, he wasn’t an actual socialist. In other words, he didn’t believe the state should own the means of production, only control and tax them. He called the system “fascism,” from the ancient Roman fasces, an axe buttressed by rods, making it stronger.

We’ve reached a stage in the U.S. where the economic and political systems have merged thoroughly. The current American system – which is similar to that in most countries in the world – would be a wet dream for Mussolini. It’s a kinder and gentler version of ’30s-style fascism – mainly fewer slogans and less militarism. The money created by the corporations and the power represented by the state work with each other and reinforce each other. I go into this in my novels: Speculator, Drug Lord, and Assassin.

Rachel: What about Parler being effectively shut down?

Doug: Well, Google and Apple stores pulled their app. And then Amazon refused to host it. It’s much more clever than having the State find some phony legalism to send in the FBI and the DoJ on some pretense. Big corporations work hand in hand with the State in a fascist system. Remember, fascism actually has nothing to do with spiffy uniforms, militarism, and mass parades; it’s an economic system.

Fascism is a horrible and corrupt system. But it kind of works, because it’s adopted many practical aspects of capitalism. Unlike socialism, which is even more horrible and corrupt, and doesn’t work at all. Fascism’s numerous problems are blamed on capitalism (a system which promotes a maximum of economic and social freedom), while the hoi polloi are taught to strive for socialism as a waystation towards communism. As the World Economic Forum, guided by the sociopath Klaus Schwab, recently said, “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.”

I would point out that the political, social, and economic situation in the U.S. is about to boil over, and likely become violent. The Deep State knows that, and they feel it’s important to channel communication so that discontented elements – Trumpers, conservatives, libertarians, free thinkers, and the like – can’t organize effectively. You can’t organize without effective communication. If they do organize into an effective opposition they’ll likely be termed “domestic terrorists.”

Anyway it seems corporations are actively colluding with Washington to deplatform people who aren’t “woke.” It’s a much more clever version of fascism than Mussolini, Hitler, or other ’30s era authoritarians ever contemplated.

Rachel: So there are now reports that Parler is going to be hosted by Russian servers. Would you put yourself on a platform that is run by the Kremlin?

Doug: Well, look. It’s not like the Russians are necessarily good guys. But they are giving asylum to Edward Snowden, who is a hero. And remember there are probably more socialists and Marxists in U.S. universities than are left in Russia. You have to keep this in context. Russia is painted as the devil incarnate by the U.S. Deep State. That’s a lie.

Russia is a totally different place than it was 40 years ago. It’s not a danger to Americans. It’s essentially a gas station with an attached gun store in the middle of a wheat field. And unfortunately, the U.S. is no longer the home of the brave and the land of the free. It’s now filled with mask-wearing, social distancing, fear-driven whipped dogs who roll over on their backs and wet themselves on command.

America, the concept, is a dead duck. It was a unique and fantastic idea, which has been replaced by the U.S., which is just another nation-state, almost indistinguishable from any other. It’s actually more dangerous than most because it is so very powerful, but in serious decline.

It’s a pity that companies may have to go to Russia to have their servers hosted. But it’s a sign of the degradation of America.

Rachel: Interesting insights as always, Doug. Thank you.