Rachel’s note: Already, 2021 is shaping up to be an eventful year. And the dramatic incident that unfolded at the Capitol on January 6 left many across the world on edge…

What’s to come of all this?

Today, we turn to Casey Research founder Doug Casey. He shares his take on the “riot”… and why the Washington elite won’t let this “manufactured” crisis go to waste…

Rachel Bodden, managing editor, Casey Research: Doug, now that we’re a little further away from the actual event… what’s your take on the January 6 Capitol riots? People are saying the U.S. looked like a Banana Republic.

Doug Casey, founder, Casey Research: Considering that most of Trump’s 75 million supporters believe the elections were riddled with fraud and stole the election, I’m surprised the “riot” was so orderly.

I wasn’t there, but it would seem that some tens of thousands walked down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol. They weren’t attacking it like a military objective, but generally intended to exert moral suasion on the Congress-types discussing the election results. I listened to Trump’s speech and – contrary to what the talking heads all say – he in no way encouraged violence, and only encouraged listeners to make their presence felt as a moral force.

When an unorganized and unhappy group that large turns out, it’s reasonable to expect some disorder, no matter who they are. But – contrary to hysterical reporting – there was very, very little real disorder. No looted shops. No cars set on fire. No pitched battle with police or counter-demonstrators. The mass of people surged through a line of police and moved to the building’s entrance.

Apparently one fool broke a window and let himself and some buddies in the building that way. It would have been easy to keep him out. Where were the Capitol police inside the building? Not only didn’t they keep them out, but when demonstrators banged on the front door, instead of telling them the attraction was closed, they let them in.

Here’s where it gets more interesting. After the Capitol police inexplicably opened the doors and invited them in, the demonstrators remained calm and mostly stayed within the velvet ropes there to keep visitors from wandering around. They didn’t set fires or loot the place.

Yes, there was some guy dressed like a barbarian who got his 15 minutes of fame behind the Speaker’s podium. Somebody stole Nancy Pelosi’s computer. Some papers were scattered about. They hung around for a while and they left. A woman, apparently egged on by a leftist infiltrator, was shot while trying to get through an interior door. The cop in question should be “defunded” and prosecuted. The police were as disorganized as the demonstrators.

No doubt books will be written about the event. It’s being called an “insurrection,” and will be – is being – used as a justification for a domestic version of the PATRIOT Act. Like most things that grab the public’s and the media’s attention, the event of January 6 is grossly overblown.

They call it “The Storming of the Capitol,” apparently to bring to mind the Storming of the Bastille in 1789, which set off the French Revolution. Which is ridiculous. It was no more than mild disorderly conduct, unauthorized entry, and trespass. Not by a bloodthirsty mob of thousands, but basically by a few dozen middle class Republicans – homeowners, business owners, people that actually believe in the Constitution – who were momentarily carried away. There were a few rowdy types engaging in inappropriate street theater and performance art. There were undoubtedly some Antifa agitators interspersed there, looking to create chaos.

That said, I’m of two minds about what happened. Everybody who writes about it has to make a big deal about deploring violence. I agree. Violence is unaesthetic, destructive, and generally tends to make things worse. But not always; let’s not be sanctimonious. The Declaration of Independence and the words of many of the Founding Fathers saw a place for violence.

If the government – whether under Trumpians as the Democrats fear, or the Democrats as the Trumpians fear – becomes so corrupt and repressive that it needs to be replaced, riots are actually not out of place. And we’re likely to see some as the economy degrades. Real riots, not just some disorderly conduct like we saw on January 6. But riots like the “peaceful protests” of the summer where dozens of cities had whole blocks burned and lots of people killed. Riots more like those of 1968 when the National Guard was raking tenements with .50 cals at one point.

The most shocking thing about the January 6 “riot” may be the government’s reaction to it, starting with the police who were entirely incompetent at crowd management. Then they grossly overreacted, importing 25,000 Guardsmen, cordoning off a couple square miles of D.C. with barriers, barbed wire, and checkpoints to see everyone’s papers were in order. For some reason there are still thousands of Guardsmen posted around the city. The place now resembles the capital of a Banana Republic, with soldiers patrolling with rifles at port arms.

It’s largely a question of whose ox is being gored – who’s rioting, and why. Cuomo, the Governor of New York, has said pretty much the same thing. When the BLM and Antifa types rioted in the summer, that was to be downplayed because they were Biden allies. When the deplorables have a demonstration at the Capitol, that’s an active insurrection that should be put down.

As a cultural conservative, and one who values many traditions, I didn’t like the idea of thousands of unhappy people with uncertain intentions surrounding the Capitol. Lots of things can turn unhappy people into angry people and then into violent people.

But now some pundits are calling the Capitol “the People’s House.” It’s not the People’s House. It’s not what it’s cracked up to be in myth. It’s a building where government employees – swamp creatures, Deep State members – congregate to pass laws taxing and regulating their subjects, and enriching their cronies. I see it as less emblematic than any of the numerous monuments defaced or destroyed by BLM and Antifa over the summer. The Capitol is an appropriate venue for citizens who feel disenfranchised and defrauded to gather and give voice – hopefully peaceably – to their grievances.

Rachel: What’s to come of all this?

Doug: As I said before, I think we’re heading towards something that looks like a civil war. Or at least assorted secession movements across the country. Why? It makes no sense for people with radically different ideas of right and wrong, and how the world should work, to be compressed into one political entity.

What happened at the Capitol has been grossly overblown. But rest assured, it’s one manufactured crisis Washington is not going to waste.

Rachel: Thanks for talking with me today, Doug.

Doug: Until next time, Rachel.

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