Dear Reader,

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of buying a quality investment at a dirt-cheap price.

I don’t mean cheap like a PE ratio of 8. I’m talking really cheap. So cheap that the downside is nearly negligible but the upside is many multiples of what you paid.

Such opportunities are rare, of course. You’ll only find them in the most hated, bombed-out markets on earth. Most investors didn’t even consider investing in Hong Kong in the ‘80s, Iran in the ‘90s, or Cyprus in 2013, and wouldn’t have known how if they wanted to. Yet those were three of the best investment opportunities of the past 40 years.

That’s where Crisis Speculator—a publication recently launched by—comes in.

Written by Nick Giambruno with regular contributions from Doug Casey, Crisis Speculator identifies and shows readers how to act on crisis-born, international investment opportunities. Doug, the original International Man, needs no introduction, as he literally wrote the book on crisis investing.

Nick, a friend of mine, is quickly becoming International Man 2.0. He travels the world with Doug to bring readers of Crisis investing the kind of lopsided risk/reward opportunities that only a country in crisis can offer. Nick has lived and worked on three continents, traveled to over 50 countries, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things international.

Read on for an excerpt from the inaugural edition of Crisis Speculator. And if you like what you read, consider taking Crisis Speculator for a risk-free test drive. It really is an excellent publication, and the generous refund policy allows you to read the current issue plus two more before deciding if it’s for you. If it’s not, no hard feelings. Just let them know within 90 days to receive a full and prompt refund.


Dan Steinhart
Managing Editor of The Casey Report