Dear Reader,

I’m out in the jungle this week kicking rocks on behalf of our readers, so I’ll be brief. Jeff doesn’t often make me jealous, but he’s written an article I wish I’d written. We get more questions about Harry Dent’s call for lower gold prices than we get concerning any other contra-Casey view. I think Jeff has answered Mr. Dent’s criticisms admirably, and I look forward to seeing if Mr. Dent rises to Jeff’s challenge. We’ll let you know what happens.

Meanwhile, gold’s retreat last week has created new opportunities in some stocks that were on a tear, and that’s something all our readers should be thinking about. Jeff’s got the good in BIG GOLD, of course, which I highly recommend to those who haven’t checked it out yet.


Louis James
Senior Metals Investment Strategist
Casey Research

Rock & Stock Stats
One Month Ago
One Year Ago
Gold 1,228.88 1,231.86 1,302.63
Gold (SGE) 1,234.09 1,241.53 1,293.18
Silver 17.36 17.07 20.48
Copper 2.61 2.64 3.23
Oil 53.67 46.51 100.05
Gold Producers (GDX) 21.26 20.55 25.87
Gold Junior Stocks (GDXJ) 27.00 27.84 42.50
Silver Stocks (SIL) 10.18 10.14 14.07
TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) 15,264.81 14,187.16 14,001.65
TSX Venture 696.51 670.65 986.45