By Marco Wutzer, senior analyst, Disruptive Profits

Marco Wutzer

I’m sure you’ve noticed the crypto market has been heading higher over the past few months.

It’s exciting… and inevitably, investors want to ride the action.

Because human psychology never changes.

That’s why markets go through predictable cycles.

Bull markets are born in disbelief, climb a wall of worry, and enter an optimism phase before climaxing in euphoria.

This first half of the cycle describes the crypto market in 2017:

The second half of the cycle, when an asset first starts to drop, is met with complacency. This is followed by anxiety, denial, panic, and finally, capitulation.

This second half of the cycle describes the crypto market in 2018:

Back in December, I said this to my Disruptive Profits readers…

In any market, valuations during the capitulation phase sometimes reach lows that can even surprise seasoned veterans, including myself. But when it comes to the crypto market, I’m not worried.

I showed them that the future looks like this:

You can see where we are now… building the base for the next bull market:

If you read Disruptive Profits, you’ll also remember I said…

When exactly the market turns and where exactly we find the bottom is anyone’s guess. But it’s ultimately unimportant.

Because while amateurs dump their holdings in panic, smart speculators are happily buying and increasing their positions because the next bull market in crypto is just around the corner.

To be clear, it’s impossible to tell the exact length of a market cycle… or to time the exact top or bottom. But it’s fairly easy to see where we are approximately in the overall market cycle.

That’s why, in the capitulation phase, I pounded the table that it was the best time to buy.

Where Are We Now?

Since then, bitcoin found its bottom around $3,191 in December 2018.

And on June 26, bitcoin hit a 52-week high of $13,796. But then, in a little over 24 hours, it pulled back 29% to $9,813.

You may be wondering if you missed the boat. But all that wild movement in crypto is a non-event.

Remember, bitcoin went from $0.03 to thousands of dollars and has been through this cycle many times.

Overall, the market is still tiny and the technology is still in its infancy.

Cryptos and blockchain are the future… and the future takes time to build.

What Our Playbook Looks Like

A real speculator always thinks for himself and acts with conviction upon his beliefs. In the capitulation phase, we always see the biggest difference between amateurs and professionals.

As real speculators, we held fast to our convictions through the brutal bear market last year. And now it’s starting to pay off.

Rest assured, cryptos and blockchain technology are not going anywhere.

We probably have a few more months in which we can buy bitcoin at prices close to the bottom of the cycle… before the market climbs again.

So if you haven’t yet, I recommend you buy bitcoin before widespread optimism returns to the market.

Overall, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are in a secular bull market that has just begun to get traction. Bitcoin will be the first to capture gains as the bull market forms.

But the real profits will be in the leading obscure projects… the ones flying under the radar. I scour the globe for these projects and recommend them to my Disruptive Profits subscribers.

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It’s not always easy, but as long as you keep steady in your convictions… and as long as you have a long-term view… spectacular profits in the future are almost guaranteed.

To disruptive profits,

Marco Wutzer
Senior Analyst, Disruptive Profits

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