By Dave Forest, editor, International Speculator

America could soon switch to a new, more advanced higher grade of fuel.

We call it “Brandt Oil,” and it’s quickly becoming the new standard for fuel.

And while “Brandt Oil” is NOT a hydrocarbon or a direct fuel source like gasoline or coal, it can help power everything we use—cars, homes, buildings and machinery…

…Without any form of pollution, global warming emissions or noise. Plus, it creates no spilling hazards.

Just how powerful is this super fuel?

Less than the equivalent of two gallons’ worth of “Brandt Oil” contains enough raw energy to power your house for 9 years.

Based on advancing technology, a single barrel’s worth could soon be capable of unleashing more than enough energy to power 20,000 homes for a decade.

But that’s not even the most amazing feat of this super fuel…

Just consider regular gasoline. The average car gets about 25 miles on every gallon.

But “Brandt Oil” is so densely packed with energy it can crank up a whopping 130 miles on the gallon…

You get an extra 105 miles on every gallon worth of this super fuel you put in your car.

And the most amazing part…?

Prices at the “pump” could be half of what you’ll pay for traditional gasoline, according to figures from the Department of Energy…

At first, the numbers seem almost made up. But the reality sets in once you take a look at this chart…

State Average cost of
1 gallon: Regular fuel
Average costs of
1 gallon equivalent:
“Brandt Oil”
Florida $2.79 $1.10 $1.69
New York $2.94 $1.65 $1.30
California $3.60 $1.74 $1.86
Texas $2.63 $1.01 $1.62
Colorado $2.44 $1.05 $1.39
Average Costs Across All States $2.87 $1.15 $1.72
Source: Department of Energy

At this point it’s easy to see why President Trump has deemed “Brandt Oil” a “critical” fuel…

And why America is making the switch from relying on Brent crude oil to “Brandt Oil.”

A move that will bring incredible wealth to you and your family, only if you get in at the ground floor stage we’re at now.

History in the Making:The Switch from Brent Crude to “Brandt Oil”

Of course, no switch of this magnitude happens overnight.

America has 276 million cars and light trucks… 15 million commercial trucks… 114,533 gas stations at last count…

Not to mention powerful lobbies, old Texas oil money… and an entire network of wealth and power that’s built around old fashioned oil.

Yet, the transition to “Brandt Oil” is happening even faster than we in the energy industry thought possible.

The Department of Energy already ponied up $68 million in federal funding to enhance “Brandt Oil” applications across the country.

At the state level, governors from Colorado, Utah, New York, California, Nevada and Wyoming are collaborating with one goal in mind…

To install “Brandt Oil” service stations along 5,000 miles of interstate highways, reports the Denver Post.

“It’s about making us a hub for clean-energy innovation,” says Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado.

Take California for example. Law makers there are pushing to have 5 million cars powered by this fuel… by 2030.

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas—the largest crude oil producing state—just signed a law to accelerate the use of “Brandt Oil” applications for the auto industry there too.

So where does that leave “Big Oil?”

Well recently CEOs of some of the world’s leading oil companies descended on America’s oil strong hold, Texas, for a week-long energy summit to discuss “Brandt Oil” related matters.

And this isn’t all talk and no action…

Royal Dutch Shell—which commands over $15 billion in crude oil profits—is leading the transition to “Brandt Oil.”

Shell is reconfiguring their regular gas stations in 10 European nations—including France, Netherlands and the U.K.—into hybrid “Brandt Oil” fuel pumps.

“This is a way of broadening our offer as we move through the energy transition,” Matthew Tipper, Shell’s Vice President of New Fuels, told CNN Money.

Other crude oil companies like BP and Total are investing millions to take advantage of this super fuel as well, reports The Guardian and Reuters respectively.

It’s only a matter of time before the likes of Exxon and Chevron embrace this massive energy shift.

But that’s not even the most shocking bit…

Saudi Arabia to Import
“Brandt Oil”—Based Technology?

According to Reuters, Saudi Arabia—the world’s oil king pin—is undergoing a pilot project to introduce “Brandt Oil” applications in the Kingdom…

“… A strategy to reduce reliance on oil and cut emissions,” reports the Gulf Insider.

It’s only a matter of time before Saudi Aramco—the state’s national oil company—begins to embrace the shift as well…

So where does that leave OPEC?


OPEC countries don’t own a single drop of this new super fuel. This cartel is set to face total isolation in a “Brandt Oil” world.

As the Telegraph puts it, “OPEC faces a mortal threat.”

Quite frankly, I never thought I’d live to see the day when OPEC became obsolete.

I have been a geologist and energy insider for over 20 years. I’ve discussed energy and resource intel with Presidents of countries, billionaires, and influential business men…

Yet I’ve never seen anything like the overnight transition to “Brandt Oil.”

As expected, under Trump’s watch, the U.S. must lead this energy shift and unlock its vast reserves of this super fuel for domestic use…

Because it’s not just the U.S. making this dramatic energy shift.

“There is a world-wide race to lock up the supply chain,” reports the Institute for Energy Economics.

In short, every major country is switching from Brent crude to the new super fuel of “Brandt.”

Again, a shift of this magnitude won’t happen suddenly. But it is happening in phases…

The switch begins with the #1 users of Brent crude: petrol and diesel vehicles.

  • The U.K., France, India, and Germany—home of Mercedes, BMW and Audi—passed laws to ban crude oil vehicles and take “Brandt Oil”-powered cars mainstream within the next 10-20 years.

  • The International Energy Agency reports that China (the world’s largest auto market), Austria, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Korea and Spain have officially set 2030 as the year to fully switch to cars that run on “Brandt Oil.”.

As the World Economic Forum puts it, “Countries are announcing plans to phase out petrol and diesel cars.”

Surprisingly—without any dispute—auto companies are embracing the shift too…

  • General Motors, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet and Audi want their cars powered by this fuel.

  • Volkswagen alone is putting up 34 billion dollars to make the switch.

  • Ford is spending 11 billion to have its entire fleet of cars run on this new power source…

According to Ford’s Executive Chairman Bill Ford, “We’re all in now.”

Here’s the thing…

Auto companies don’t commit that kind of capital to any new technology or application unless…

  1. It’s the new standard of the industry (No auto company wants to be out done by the competition).

  2. The profit potential is immense.

Right now, all eyes are set on how quickly this energy transition is unfolding.

The International Energy Agency already estimates that over 125 million cars, built to accommodate “Brandt Oil” applications, will hit the streets throughout the next decade…

It’s not a matter of ‘if’ or ‘when’… this is happening now.

Of course this all sounds hard to believe…

Could there really be a new type of fuel on U.S. soil, capable of replacing crude oil…

And if so… shouldn’t you have heard of it by now?

Well, while we have an estimated 1 million-tonne reserve of this raw super fuel in the U.S., most Americans have no idea it exists.

How come?

It’s been nearly half a century since we last made any attempts to drill for “Brandt Oil.”

Today, as we make the switch to “Brandt Oil”, the U.S. must import its supplies for now…about 12,000 tons a year…

…Most of it comes from deposits in China, Africa, Russia and Norway, according to a report from the MIT Review.

But that’s about to change

Geologists are moving in to put a “Big Fat X” on our reserve maps to begin drilling ASAP.

Two things will happen…

One, this presidential move will grant America clean-energy independence…

Two, early investors who get in on the right side of this energy shift will become the new oil barons.

You can get more details… and learn how to take advantage of this megatrend by watching my new video presentation



David Forest
Editor, International Speculator

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