By Justin Spittler, editor, Casey Daily Dispatch

I was out of breath.

I was wheezing.

For a second, I thought I was having an asthma attack.

I had just finished a 30-minute jog in downtown Mexico City.

But this didn’t just happen once while I was there earlier this month. I felt like this after every run.

If you’ve been to Mexico City recently, this might not surprise you.

After all, the city has a notorious pollution problem. I guess that’s what happens when 28 million people call a city “home.”

But let’s be honest.

• Mexico City isn’t the only place with terrible air pollution…

Just look at this picture of Madrid, Spain.

Then there’s Beijing, China.

Air pollution is so bad there that people wear respirators when they walk around the city.

This is clearly a big problem. But it’s also a massive moneymaking opportunity, according to Robert Friedland.

I’ll explain why in a second. I’ll also show you the best way to profit from this (hint: it’s not what you’re expecting).

But you should first know why it pays to listen to Friedland.

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• He’s a legend in the natural resource space…

He’s founded several major natural resource companies. And he’s made billions of dollars for his investors.

Last month, I had the pleasure of hearing Friedland speak at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver. It was one of the best presentations I heard all week.

He talked about how air pollution is plaguing some of the world’s biggest cities. He even included photographs of smog-infested cities like the ones I just showed you.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

Friedland explained how governments around the world are doing everything they can to solve the problem. They’re passing tougher emission standards. Some countries are even banning gasoline-burning cars.

• Friedland says these efforts will spark an electric car revolution…

Electric vehicles don’t have an internal combustion engine. They run on electricity instead of gasoline.

A decade ago, this market barely existed. There were only a few hundred electric cars in the world.

But that’s changed in big way. Today, there are more than 750,000 electric vehicles on the roads.

That’s incredible growth for such a short period. But don’t worry.

• The electric car revolution is just getting started…

You see, electric cars make up just 1% of the global car market.

By 2020, Pike Research expects that they’ll account for 7% of the market. By 2040, they’ll make up 35% of the market.

Now, you’re probably thinking the best way to play this trend is to invest in electric car companies. But there’s a better way to profit from this revolution.

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• The electric car boom will trigger explosive bull markets in certain commodities…

That’s because electric cars are made out of different raw materials than gasoline-powered cars.

For example, the average electric car requires 150 kg of copper. That’s four times as much copper as a conventional car requires.

In other words, the electric car boom is going to require a lot of copper. There’s just one problem.

• The world doesn’t have that much copper…

Friedland explained to investors in Vancouver.

We don’t have enough copper being discovered to meet future copper demand. We need much higher copper prices to stimulate the painful enterprise of exploration, development and production. We’re just getting on the edge of a very steep ski slope and looking down over the edge.

By 2021, Friedland says the world will “wake up and realize that we’re out of copper at a reasonable price.” That’s obviously good for the price of copper.

And that’s just one metal. Electric cars also require far more nickel and cobalt than conventional cars. That’s why Friedland is also bullish on those two metals.

If we’re going to have electric cars, the winners are going to be nickel and cobalt. The metal that’s scarce is cobalt, and since January of last year, cobalt has been the best-performing metal.

Most investors don’t realize that this is even happening. But Friedland says you’d be a fool to let this opportunity pass you by.

This is an era of unprecedented change, it’s really happening… The handwriting is on the wall. For those of you who deny this phenomenon, you’re going to miss this massive disruption opening soon at a theatre near you.

• Friedland’s betting his personal fortune on the electric car boom…

Ivanhoe Mines, one of his companies, is developing the world’s largest copper mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

He also owns around 20% of Clean TeQ, a small miner that owns a nickel-cobalt-scandium project in New South Wales, Australia.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to be a billionaire to profit from this. You just have to own the right stocks. So, consider investing in world-class, diversified miners if you haven’t already.

Keep in mind that several key industrial metals are already soaring.

Copper is up 11% since June. Zinc is up 12%. Nickel is up 17%.

These are big moves for such a short period. They tell us that the next great commodity boom could be underway.

So don’t wait long to take action. This opportunity may not last long.


Justin Spittler
San Francisco, California
August 15, 2017

P.S. Louis James, our in-house natural resource expert, is cashing in on the electric energy boom. Last month, he recommended buying a small cobalt miner. The company has operations in the United States. And it’s poised to deliver huge returns once the electric car revolution takes hold.

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