Commodities are itching to go higher – but trade war fears and uncertainty are keeping the market down.

However… the end of the trade war is coming. And when it does, copper – the biggest industrial commodity in the world – is going to take off fast.

Today, I’d like to show you the insider look on what I do between issues… and that’s travel to obscure places to conduct research for my subscribers.

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David Forest
Editor, International Speculator


Hi everybody, Dave here.

I’m in parts unknown in northwestern Nevada. I can’t really disclose the location, and I actually don’t even quite know exactly where we are right now, because we’ve been driving for about an hour and a half on the road. You can see behind me. That’s my truck there. And so, we’re basically in the middle of nowhere.

Although interestingly, you can see the white in the background to that side is a major gold mine. That’s a 12-million-ounce gold mine, and that’s all of the waste rock from it. So this is a big site. It’s amazing.

In Nevada, you can go into the middle of nowhere and you still find these mining operations. So gold, always interesting in Nevada. But what I want to talk to you about is what’s in this set of mountains. Sorry, let me get my camera here.

This set of mountains, you can see right here where my fingertip is, those blue mountains in the background. And that’s copper. Now, copper is going to be a big, big story coming up.

As I’ve been telling you, I believe that President Trump is about to end the trade war with China, which is going to be a big catalyst. So I had a date. November 17 was my date for the end of the trade war. That was when President Trump and the president of China were supposed to meet at the Asia Pacific Summit. That has now been postponed because Chile has been engulfed in riots. They’ve had a million people in the streets rioting and that has forced them to cancel that summit.

So I think we’re going to get a new date for the next meeting between China and the U.S. And I think soon, whatever the date is, wherever it happens, the end of the trade war is coming.

When that happens, it’s going to lift the lid off of all the industrial commodities.

Right now, we’ve had a lot of fundamental setups for commodities that are really, really good, but when you talk to investors, big institutional investors, they all say, “Yeah, we really like it, but the trade war, we’re just not sure.” Once the uncertainty of the trade war has gone, it’s going to be like uncorking a champagne bottle. All of these commodities are going to shoot higher.

Copper is one of the biggest industrial commodities in the world, so that is going to be one of the biggest markets I think is going to take off fast. We want to be positioned there.

I’m excited about this. I’m going to get back to you with more findings, some pictures, all the things that we find on this visit.

So until then, stay tuned, get positioned, stay right, and keep walking the path.

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