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We had such a positive response to the first video Conversation with Casey we published that we’ve decided to try to do more along those lines. Doug and I will continue commenting on the passing parade, but in between them, guest host Stefan Molyneux will interview the most interesting, controversial, expert, original or – in proper contrarian style – the most wrong-headed people we can find on various subjects. We want to shake things up a bit, and to reach outside our fold to get the latest from other minds on whatever interests us the most – and that we hope will interest you as well.

To start off with, Stefan interviews our own Alex Daley on the prospects for curing cancer. We hope you enjoy this video conversation, but are also providing a written transcript for those who prefer that format.

Alex Daley and his team have discovered five biotech companies whose innovative cancer treatments could save millions of lives… and make investors handsome returns in the process. Find out all about those five “cancer cure” champions in this free report.

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