Chris’ note: If you’ve been following the Dispatch, you know 5G (fifth-generation) technology is going to transform our daily lives… and generate huge profits for investors who get in early.

We’ve shown you how you can strike it rich by betting on the right 5G tech stocks.

But what many people don’t know is that there’s another way to benefit… one that’s even more lucrative.

It has nothing to do with investing in wireless stocks, chip makers, cell phone towers, or any other mainstream play you’ve seen before.

Instead, it’s a “backdoor” way to profit. And it involves a specific type of stock that International Speculator editor Dave Forest is an expert on.

So I called him up to get all the details…

Chris Reilly, managing editor, Casey Daily Dispatch: Hi, Dave. Let’s get right to it.

As longtime readers know, you’re our go-to guy for all things commodities. But recently, you’ve uncovered a massive opportunity centered on tech.

Can you explain?

Dave Forest, editor, International Speculator: Of course. It’s important to understand that even though I’m commodities-focused, I follow all of the big-picture trends happening around the world.

And I’m fortunate to have direct access to some of the best minds in the world, in all different fields. And when they start talking about these macro, game-changing trends, I pay close attention.

Jeff Brown is one of the guys I respect and follow. He’s a tech expert and Silicon Valley insider who’s made countless fortunes for his readers over the years. When he started pounding the table on 5G, I knew I had to start taking it seriously.

Chris: And what did you find?

Dave: First, I should say that many times these big trends are the drivers of commodities demand.

Think about when railroads were being built across America. When that happened, railroad stocks did really well, but you know what did better?

Chris: What’s that?

Dave: Iron ore. That’s because iron ore was required to make the steel for all the rails.

Even people like Rockefeller bought out iron ore mines as a way to profit from that trend.

Or imagine if you’d owned oil stocks back in 1895 when gasoline was invented and patented. A massive new market opened up for this commodity.

So when you get this leading edge of really big trends unfolding, there’s always a commodities implication.

Everything that we use on Earth is grown or dug up from the ground. So there’s always something that benefits from these big-picture trends.

Chris: And it sounds like 5G is no exception…

Dave: That’s exactly right.

Even though we don’t think about it, 5G tech has huge implications for commodities. And very specific commodities.

And I believe the right commodities will move a lot more in price than the actual 5G tech stocks themselves.

Chris: How so?

Dave: So there are a few different aspects to the 5G revolution. And they touch on different technologies that are involved and the corresponding commodities.

To put it most simply, there is a lot of fiber optic cable that’s involved. 5G thrives on fiber optics to transmit the signal. So there’s a whole network across America and across the world of new fiber optic cable that needs to be laid.

Now, most people are aware of that. But what we don’t think about as much is that the cable that’s required for 5G is different than the cable we’ve used in the past.

And there are certain metals that need to go into these new 5G cables.

So you’ve got not only a huge buildout of fiber optic cable capacity… but all of these cables require totally new metals… things that most people aren’t even thinking about.

It opens up huge new markets for very small commodities in a lot of cases. And that’s a recipe for prices to really explode… when you’ve suddenly got a huge demand opening up for something that’s been this kind of sleepy, backwater market for a long time.

Chris: I see. What specific metals will benefit most?

Dave: Well, the specific metal that I’m talking about in regard to 5G fiber optics is called erbium. Most people haven’t heard of erbium, but it’s actually part of a larger group of metals that many investors also aren’t familiar with.

I’m talking about rare earth metals.

So rare earth metals became prominent almost a decade ago, when China suddenly cut off exports… and some of the prices for rare earth metals like promethium rocketed 1,000% in a matter of months. Share prices of rare earth companies went up 10,000% in some cases.

That type of gain is hard to wrap your head around. But for perspective, that means a $100 investment would have turned into $10,000. $1,000 would have turned into $100,000…

And a $10,000 investment would have made you a millionaire.

Another way to think about it is that shareholders in tiny rare earth stocks made more in a few months than Apple shareholders made in the prior 16 years of Apple gains – combined.

It was a crazy time… and now we have a shot for similar gains by betting on the right rare earth companies.

Things haven’t really even started picking up big time, and my subscribers are already up over 53% on one of my rare earth elements picks… and up nearly 150% on the other.

And that’s in less than two months.

Chris: And it sounds like this is just the beginning… Thanks, Dave. Anything else readers should keep in mind before we go?

Dave: Yes. I want to make this clear…

We’re truly in a time like the 1800s, where life-altering developments are unfolding: 5G, electric vehicles, renewable power, wearable tech, robotics, artificial intelligence.

Again, all of these booms are tied to certain commodities.

The industrial barons of the 1800s who owned new technology usually owned the commodities as well. They knew commodities were the ground-floor way to profit from the sea changes happening.

Today, we have people like Elon Musk talking about nickel metal used in electric vehicle batteries. Apple is trying to directly buy rare earths and other metals. Japanese tech giant SoftBank has invested in lithium production.

These are the people who know the tech industry the most intimately… and they’re buying commodities.

Why not follow their lead?

In fact, we can do one better than they can. We’re buying commodities stocks, which often outperform the commodities themselves. Remember, rare earth metals went up thousands of percent, some stocks went up 10,000%.

The important thing is, by watching these insiders, we know which trends are definitely in motion. Then we pick the best stocks to take advantage.

Anyone want to be the next Rockefeller?

Chris: Very exciting stuff.

Thanks for the time today, Dave. Appreciate it, as always.

Dave: No problem, Chris.

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