By Justin Spittler, editor, Casey Daily Dispatch

Double your money.

Most investors would be happy if their investments did just this over the years. But imagine if a single decision caused your multiple billion-dollar investment to double in value basically in the blink of an eye.

It sounds too good to be true. But it may have just happened to some of America’s richest people. And it’s all because the Supreme Court just made history.

Regular readers probably know where I’m going with this. But don’t worry if you’re new to the Dispatch. I’ll bring you up to speed.

In short, the Supreme Court struck down a 26-year-old federal law in May. This law had barred single-game gambling in the United States, except Nevada.

Just to be clear, the Supreme Court didn’t legalize gambling outright. Instead, it will allow each state the power to license, regulate, and tax the sports betting industry within its borders.

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• That’s great news for professional sports team owners…

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what Mark Cuban said on the day the Supreme Court made its decision:

I think everyone who owns a top-four professional sports team just basically saw the value of their team double.

Cuban, as you may know, is a billionaire businessman. He also owns the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.

But here’s the thing. You don’t have to be mega-wealthy like Cuban to cash in on this.

Everyday investors can turn this historic decision into profits, too.

I’ll show you how in a second. But first, let’s look at why this is such a game changer…

• This announcement will change the way people watch sports…

Last week, Strategic Investor editor E.B. Tucker told me why at Casey Research’s Florida headquarters: 

Sports teams stand to make a killing from this. That’s because gambling increases people’s interest in watching sports games.

Now, this is somewhat anecdotal. But we’ve all heard people talk about putting $50 on the home team. You go to a tailgating party for a college sports team and everybody’s saying we’ll put $20 or $50 on the home team.

So, betting increases people’s attention span and desire to be at the game. It encourages people to participate in the fan experience. And that’s good for ticket sales and TV ratings.

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• This historic ruling will also obviously encourage more people to gamble…

Just put yourself in the shoes of the average sports fan. You’d obviously be much more likely to place small, legal bets at your local stadium than make bets illegally with a bookie who might break your kneecaps.

Of course, you might be thinking “the market for sports betting is already huge.” And you’d be right. But here’s the thing…

• Today, most sports betting happens on the black market…

In fact, the American Gaming Association estimates that the illegal market for sports betting brings in $150 billion every year. That puts it on par with the global marijuana industry.

But even that might be lowballing the market’s size. In fact, Bank of America Merrill Lynch says the illegal market for sports betting is worth $200 billion.

Meanwhile, the research firm Eilers & Krejcik Gaming estimates that the legal sports betting market in the U.S. was worth around $270 million last year.

That means the legal market for sports betting would become 37 times bigger if legitimate businesses captured just 5% of the underground market.

That isn’t just realistic… it’s likely to happen soon.

• Delaware just legalized single-game sports betting…

It did this just three weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the controversial federal law.

It became the second state after Nevada to take single-game sports bets. A week later, New Jersey became the third.

But it’s only a matter of time before other states follow suit. After all, four other states—Mississippi, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New York—are working out rules to get sports gambling operations up and running as early as this month.

• In short, the sports betting industry is getting ready to explode…

Bank of America Merrill Lynch thinks so, too. In fact, it thinks that gambling industry revenues could reach as high $10 billion by 2023.

That’s parabolic growth.

Opportunities like this do not come around often.

So, consider speculating on casino and gambling stocks if you haven’t yet.

You can easily do so by buying the VanEck Vectors Gaming ETF (BJK). This fund invests in 43 casino and gaming stocks. That makes it a relatively safe way to bet on this megatrend.


Justin Spittler
Denver, Colorado
July 2, 2018

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Reader Mailbag

Today, a reader makes it clear she won’t be participating in the big investing opportunity in marijuana, which we covered in Wednesday’s Dispatch: “We Could See Legal Cannabis in the U.S. By September”…

BAD news! Don’t we have enough doped up people walking around? What’s next, allowing the drug cartel in?


What are your thoughts on investing in marijuana companies? Are you betting on them today? Let us know here.

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