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Dear Reader,

The global financial system is under a staggering amount of debt. And this time, it’s much bigger than just the housing market.

Today we have ballooning emerging market debt, subprime auto debt, shaky corporate debt, and student loans.

Did you know students have borrowed over $1 trillion for college? And the leading debt-funded college in the U.S. is the University of Phoenix – the online university with $36 billion in outstanding student loans.

While student debt mounts, wages stagnate and jobs disappear. The average 40-year old head of household in the U.S. today spends more on servicing student debt than on food each month.

We predict this debt will never be repaid.

Likewise, the high-yield debt market is turning over. High-yield bonds (aka “junk”) are sold by the riskiest corporate credits. And investors, hungry for any extra yield, have happily loaned these sub-par credits over $1 trillion… an all-time record.

Also, the two fastest-growing sectors of the high-yield market have been oil and gas companies and bonds tied to subprime auto loans. Energy companies have been crushed with the plunge in oil prices. And subprime auto loan defaults are ticking up.

What’s more, many individual investors have loaded up on junk bonds through exchange-traded funds (ETFs). But the supposed liquidity of these ETFs don’t match that of their underlying assets.

And when we see the market turn down, it could take months to liquidate these risky bonds… The ETFs, meanwhile, promise daily redemptions. In other words, individual investors will get crushed.

It’s a ticking time bomb that will blow up in the next recession (which we expect very soon).

Given this situation, we pose one, simple question…

Are you prepared for the repercussions of this massive default?

We hope the answer is yes. And we’re here to do everything in our power to help you through these turbulent times.

That’s why Doug Casey invited more than a dozen of the brightest minds in economics, finance, and expatriation for a small, exclusive event in the Arizona desert this month…

I’m talking about the Casey Research 2015 Summit – Doug Casey’s Financial Survival Guide.

Everyone met on October 16-17 at the 5-Star Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, Arizona and it was an incredible event for those who attended.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for you to attend...

But we’ve arranged a way for you to access the entire event from the comfort of your own home with the Casey Research 2015 Summit Audio Collection.

Every year, we produce a limited number of high-quality audio CDs (and accompanying MP3 files) for those who weren’t fortunate enough to attend the live event. They include all of the speaker’s presentations.

When you sign up to receive the Casey Research 2015 Summit Audio Collection, you’ll hear presentations from…

Doug Casey
Global Economic Turmoil: How to Survive and Thrive

Marc Faber
Academics at Central Banks Who Don’t Understand Economic Problems Will Always Have Solutions

James Altucher
Human Rights for All Space Aliens

But that’s not all. You’ll also have access to presentations from:

Gerald Celente * Richard Maybury * Raoul Pal * Bud Conrad * Scott Taylor * E.B. Tucker * Louis James * Nick Giambruno… and more.

With these presentations at hand, you’ll have superior insights into what’s happening in the global economy right now. And you’ll have the tools you need to not only survive, but prosper, during what will surely be one of the most catastrophic economic events of our lifetimes.

Hear for Yourself

2015 Summit Audio Collection Marc FaberPublisher of
The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report
2015 Summit Audio CollectionGerald CelentePublisher of the
Trends Journal
2015 Summit Audio CollectionScott TaylorEditor in Chief of
Esprit de Corps magazine

It’s important you have access to all the information we outlined above.

We truly believe this information could save your financial well-being in the coming years.

That’s why some Casey Research readers paid up to $1,695 to join us in Tucson.

2015 Summit Audio Collection

But, for only $395, you can order your 2015 Summit Audio Collection – Doug Casey’s Financial Survival Guide.

Again, you’ll have access to every presentation from our exclusive gathering, including… Doug Casey, Marc Faber, James Altucher, Louis James, just to name a few.

Just click on the link below and you’ll receive your credentials to access the MP3s from the 2015 Casey Research Summit, and we’ll mail you the full audio collection on CD.

We appreciate your order. And I know you’ll find this content incredibly useful in navigating today’s markets. I’ll look forward to seeing you at a future Casey Research Summit.

Good investing,
Sean Goldsmith
CEO, Casey Research

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