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The blueprint is simple: Wait until the dust settles, then take quick, decisive action on the bargains with the greatest long-term potential. That’s how Doug Casey, Carlos Slim, and John Templeton built fortunes.

And as we’ll show you, it’s how you could collect 1000% gains (or more)—using Doug Casey’s findings from the best “crisis investing” hotspot on the globe.

Dear Fellow Investor,

Looking around, I can believe that spies once met at the bar inside the Nicosia Hilton.

Even today, decades after the end of the Cold War, I can imagine CIA and KGB agents rendezvousing in this wood-paneled lounge in neutral territory, to gather intelligence at tables set just far enough apart for private conversations.

I’m nursing a Scotch as I wait for Doug Casey to arrive. We’re about to begin our own intelligence-gathering mission.

Doug had talked about traveling here ever since this small country’s woes became a horror story splashed on the nightly news for all the world to see.

“That’s the sort of thing I might do if I were younger,” Doug said in April. “Hop on a plane tomorrow and go check out the opportunities for crisis investing at a time when there are almost no other buyers.”

Doug has either discovered the fountain of youth or he just couldn’t resist the potential to make a killing. Because he’s flown the 6,423 miles from Vancouver, British Columbia, to join me for this reconnaissance mission in the Mediterranean paradise known as Cyprus.

As you know, Doug built his career on a saying attributed to Baron Nathan Rothschild: “The time to buy is when blood is in the streets.”

And he’s acted on it to make his own fortune. He wrote the book on crisis investing—a book so popular that, in 1979 it was not only a New York Times #1 bestseller, but it also outsold Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and Richard Nixon’s The Real War. Since then, he’s put the strategy into practice again and again.

Doug calls himself a “rational speculator,” one who uses the entire globe as his stomping ground. He’s traveled to over 175 countries and found the government tolerable enough to live in 12 of them.

And he finds huge profits in markets that no mainstream investor would even consider:

Commodities like gold that everyone ignored in the late 1990s…
Hated sectors like uranium after the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl scares…
Backward countries in the wake of wars or devastating hyperinflation…

… anywhere he can find severely undervalued assets—speculative opportunities with nowhere to go but up. The strategy works; it has turned Doug and some of his longtime followers into self-made multimillionaires.

And I’m meeting him here in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, to watch him attempt it again.

I’m Nick Giambruno, the senior editor of International Man.

If you’re the adventurous type, I’ll show you how you, too, can make outsized gains from opportunities no one else is talking about… buy real assets for pennies on the dollar… and earn tens of thousands of dollars—or much more—by betting a relative pittance.

In short, I’ll show you why Cyprus is by far the crisis-investing opportunity with the biggest upside in the world right now—and how you can get in by buying assets at fire-sale prices.

Who the Hell Would Invest in Cyprus?

Good question.

Most people couldn’t find Cyprus—a small island nation in the eastern Mediterranean—on a map. And most likely they’d never even have heard of it if it weren’t for that pesky EU-ordered “bail-in.”

To refresh your memory…

The two largest Cypriot banks—Bank of Cyprus and Laiki Bank—gorged on Greek government bonds. Then Greece’s sovereign debt crisis crushed the bonds. The Cypriot banks lost their capital. The Cyprus government couldn’t afford to bail them out. And the EU wouldn’t, probably because so much of the cash was owed to non-EU Russians who used the banks as their offshore haven for years.

Eventually, as a condition of the €10-billion bailout, the Cypriot government agreed to a haircut of bank deposits exceeding €100,000 ($140,000). In addition, the government imposed capital controls to keep money from leaving the country.

But what really grabbed Doug’s attention was the Cyprus stock market, which bottomed out at 98% below its high…

That’s Why Doug Is So Excited: Cyprus Is a Classic “Crisis Investment”—
A Cheap Opportunity with the Potential for Outsized Gains

To Doug, the crash sounded like “a bell ringing at the bottom of the market.”

I suspect that there are some very viable businesses available—companies selling for a tiny fraction of book value. I think fortunes could be made…

Doug Casey on the Cypriot stock market

You see, there are a number of ways to invest in stocks—follow an established trend; follow insider buying; and follow successful people—but what both Doug and I like best are the survivors of train wrecks.

Fundamentally sound companies beaten down by shell-shocked markets—these are the screaming bargains we’re looking for. They’re not rare, but you don’t see them every day either.

And the rewards can be gigantic.

Consider this: a return to the previous Cyprus stock market peak of 5,519 would multiply your investment 58 times. That means an investment of just $10,000 would turn into $580,000… and an investment of $100,000 would make you $5.8 million.

But Cyprus doesn’t have to return to “normal” to make tremendous profits. Any progress made—by streamlining the government, eliminating the capital controls, and/or recharging the business environment—will mean enormous gains if you invest in the right companies.

That’s why the first stop on our reconnaissance mission is obvious…

The Dust Has Settled in Cyprus…
Now Is Your Moment to Act

As the financial and administrative hub of Nicosia, the Old City still bustles—with shopaholics popping in and out of boutiques along Ledra Street, businessmen drinking small cups of strong Cypriot coffee at sidestreet cafés, and tourists tracing a path along the Green Line that divides the Greek and Turkish parts of the city.

But we’re headed far enough away that we catch a taxi. Outside the city center, the scene changes quickly. Shops are open, but shelves are empty. Few diners sit at a restaurant’s outside tables. And there’s an air of disquiet that’s pervasive…

If I’ve learned one thing from Doug: real returns are made by ignoring the passing herd and looking at what they trampled over instead.

Porter Stansberry, Founder, Stansberry & Associates Investment Research

That’s why Doug is perfect as the spearhead for this mission. His unique talent is an ability to look beyond the macro environment and to find the people who can help him exploit opportunities no one else even recognizes. Nondas Metaxas, the CEO and director of the Cyprus Stock Exchange, is one of those people.

Picture the iconic New York Stock Exchange at 11 Wall Street, its four rooms filled with traders yelling at each other.

The exchange here looks nothing like that.

It’s housed in a modern office building of several stories, as opposed to a historic structure. It’s been operating only since 1996. And there is no open outcry: All trading is done electronically, according to international standards.

Metaxas himself is tall, authoritative, and optimistic for a guy who’s overseeing a bear market that may have no rival in the history of the world.

But looking at the larger picture, Metaxas sees good reason to be bullish.

First, for thousands of years Cyprus has been a geopolitical prize, thanks to its location at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia.

It’s the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, with a population split between the internationally recognized Republic of Cyprus in the south (800,000) and the recognized-by-Turkey-only Republic of Northern Cyprus (300,000). That’s not a happy situation, but it’s a relatively stable one.

The economy is dominated by services, namely tourism and finance. Tourism lives off the island’s warm winters and beautiful beaches. The financial services sector depends largely on foreign inflows. In fact, Cyprus is where Russian oligarchs stashed their cash offshore.

Nissi Beach, Ayia NapaNissi Beach, Ayia Napa

The island offers other pluses: tax and regulatory advantages; strong legal and accounting traditions; and residents who almost all speak English.

And Metaxas emphasizes another critical advantage: the 2011 discovery of a massive gas field about 100 miles south of Cyprus. The resource is worth billions of dollars—enough to turn the cash-poor island into an energy exporter. That gives Cypriots a lot to look forward to.

Even Metaxas admits the short-term picture is not quite as rosy. Unemployment has increased and tourism is down. Capital controls remain in effect.

But these controls do not apply to new money brought into Cyprus. The inflow of money isn’t restricted, and neither is income or returns you make off money you invest…

Plus the good parts of Laiki Bank are now being folded into the Bank of Cyprus. When the restructured bank is relisted on the Cyprus Stock Exchange, it may be the catalyst that revs up market volume.

And the fallout from the banking crisis isn’t enough to destroy the value of solid companies listed on the exchange. They’ll continue to do business in Cyprus, generate earnings, and even pay dividends.

How can I be so certain? Doug and I took a look around the area.

Your Huge Opportunity to
Invest in Cyprus Now

In Greece, the headlines have been full of riots, unemployment, unrest, and austerity for several years. When the financial crisis there began, investors fled the Athens Stock Exchange. But over the 12 months starting in October 2012, the Index shot up 35.62%.

During the same period, engineering contractor Metka’s shares jumped 72.15%. The price had initially dropped to $6 despite a 20-year run of profits and a dividend yield of 8%. But as a fundamentally sound company, Metka is making a comeback.

And now US hedge funds are investing in Greek banks. Remember John Paulson, who earned billions betting against subprime mortgages? He’s leading the charge, apparently encouraged by rising exports and rebounding tourism.

Similarly, the crisis in Cyprus has opened up the potential for you to earn extraordinary profits. But you can tap this potential only with access to the information we gathered and the opportunities we uncovered during our investigation in Cyprus.

We’ve detailed it all—the specific opportunities and the gains possible, the process to follow, the people to contact—in our exclusive, first-ever report on making money from a country in turmoil…

Introducing “Crisis Investing in Cyprus”

This action-packed, 39-page report gives you everything you need to make tremendous gains from the biggest upside crisis opportunity available today…

It’s your must-have tool to turn the actions of a desperate government on their head and to your immense reward.

Cyprus Offers Incredible
Upside if You Act Now

In crisis situations, stock prices bottom out for all companies, good and bad alike. But sound, productive, well-run businesses don’t lose their inherent value—even though you can suddenly buy them at giveaway prices.

Before we arrived in Cyprus, I’d researched companies on the Cyprus Stock Exchange to determine the best candidates for speculation. Doug and I visited those with the most potential.

In Crisis Investing in Cyprus, we identify eight companies whose values will skyrocket when the market recovers. 

Here are three of the most urgent picks from Crisis Investing in Cyprus—and the reasons we think they’re great speculative opportunities if you buy now…

Crisis Investing in Cyprus Pick #1:
This rock-solid company has been around since the late 1950s, which means it’s actually older than the Republic of Cyprus itself. And it’s seen much worse than the current fiscal crisis, having survived the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974. Cypriot financial experts we asked about the company’s financial health have nothing but praise for it. While it’s currently not paying its annual dividends due to the crisis, they are confident that business as usual will start again soon. We believe it: This pick has €19 million in cash and no debt—a great foundation to get back on its feet and give you a 259% gain if it returns to even half its previous high. And if the stock eventually reaches its previous all-time high, your gain would double to 518%.

Crisis Investing in Cyprus Pick #2:
If you’re looking for a company that does a significant portion of its business outside of Cyprus, you’ll like this well-run firm with a presence on three continents. The stock sells for a fraction of its all-time high—roughly a third of book value. And it can even pay a dividend. The business has enough cash on hand for about a year of operating expenses, which should let it weather the current crisis. If the price increases to half its all-time high, your gain would be 429%—and if it actually hits the high, your gain would be 858%.

Crisis Investing in Cyprus Pick #3:
Want to buy super-cheap and position yourself for four-digit gains? This is the buy for you. Here’s a business around for almost 50 years that now sells at 3% of its all-time high. The company has been turning a profit for years. With low leverage, it has a good chance of survival. And an increase to half of its previous high would produce a whopping gain of 1,575% on your capital.

Are you skeptical that gains like this are even possible? If you are, I don’t blame you.

But consider this: If you track Standard & Poor’s 500 Index versus crisis events since 1960, you’ll find that “markets like to climb a wall of worry.” So says Ned Davis, senior investment strategist at the same-named research firm.

Crisis Equals Opportunity

Crisis Equals Opportunity

Whether you’re looking at the Cuban missile crisis, the Arab oil embargo, the US bombing of Libya, the Iraq War, or the Lehman Brothers collapse, you’ll see that the US stock market plunges, then rebounds even higher.

Even before 1960, John Templeton—“arguably the greatest stock picker of the century,” according to Money magazine—started his fortune with a crisis investment. As Hitler’s tanks rolled over Poland in 1939, Templeton put $10,000 in 104 stocks selling for $1 or less. He turned huge profits on 100 of them, after holding them for just four years on average.

Fast forward to five years ago and the latest financial crisis, and you’ll find several US companies that made 1,000+% gains.

Between February 28, 2009 and the same day in 2011, you could have turned $10,000 into $100,000 with 11 different companies on the S&P 1500 Index.

You would have been up 1,347% if you’d owned ugly-shoemaker Crocs (CROX). And you would have seen gains of 1,072% with restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday (RT).

Compare that to the $11,990 from that same $10,000 you’d earn on most stocks in two years, with their average return of just 9.5% per year.

Other companies have done even better. Since 2009, Gulfport Energy is up more than 3,900%, and La-Z-Boy is anything but with an increase over 3,700%.

If you want gains on this scale in Cyprus, you’ll need a local brokerage firm. In Crisis Investing in Cyprus, we identify the one firm that can best help you access opportunities in this market—and the only one currently willing to work with Americans. And there are no minimums to open an account.

But before I explain how to get Crisis Investing in Cyprus in your hands today, I want to tell you about several other opportunities that could be just as profitable…

How to Buy Beachfront Bargains

You can now buy retirement or vacation property in Cyprus at bargain-basement prices. And what’s not to like? The “Florida of Europe” offers an idyllic lifestyle, with sun-drenched beaches, lavish resorts, cosmopolitan cities, and a healthy cuisine that melds European and Middle Eastern influences.

Two former oil-industry workers who each chose Cyprus as their retirement home tell us they’re here thanks to the blissful weather and exceptional quality of life. But we’re betting they wish they’d put off buying until now…

The banking crisis and lack of financing have severely depressed real estate prices. For example, flats that once sold for €2,200 per square meter ($270 per square foot) now sell for €1,000 per square meter ($123 per square foot).

Banks will be auctioning off some of the nonperforming real estate loans. That may lead to foreclosures, pushing property prices even lower—and kicking off bargain season. The key to finding bargains now is to get access to the auctions already scheduled.

You need a real estate broker who specializes in helping foreigners buy locally, especially if you want to take part in upcoming auctions. We’ve identified the brokerage firm best positioned to help you.

Owning property in Cyprus is also the key to another little-known perk:

Governments eager for money often reward foreigners who buy real estate at a high enough price with economic residency or, in select cases, citizenship. Cyprus is one of the few countries that will grant full citizenship to those who make certain investments in the country.

Residency gives you access to Cyprus only. But citizenship—meaning a Cypriot passport—would give you the right to live and work in all 28 EU countries. Owning a second home on a balmy, beautiful Mediterranean island would be one of the most appealing ways possible to gain that access.

The Information You Need Immediately
 to Access the Huge Potential from the Crisis in Cyprus

How soon will you regret not acting if you pass on the opportunities in Cyprus? I can’t say.

But Dr. Theodore Panayotou, professor of economics at Harvard University and director of the Cyprus International Institute of Management, thinks it won’t be long (emphasis ours):

“This is the best time to invest in Cyprus for investors who want to avoid regretting in a couple of years time not acting when Cyprus was still affordable and full of emerging opportunities.”

As I mentioned, even without a strong economic recovery, the Athens Stock Market Index posted gains of 35%+ in a year. Strong individual stocks have risen much more.

And you’re aware of the gains you could have realized from the US financial crisis—over 1,000% on 11 stocks in just two years; over 3,000% on several others in a little more time.

The same could happen in Cyprus as other investors recognize the 10X, 20X, and even 30X+ gains possible from buying stock at today’s bargain prices.

Bloomberg quoted the son of the world’s wealthiest man—crisis investor and multibillionaire Carlos Slim—as saying his father viewed Europe’s debt crisis as a “good moment” to apply his strategy of investing in times of turmoil.

We think the “good moment” to pursue this opportunity in Cyprus is now—using the vital information we provide in Crisis Investing in Cyprus.

Doug Casey … has an instinct about investments that has made him and many of those around him very rich. If you ever get a chance to tap into that instinct, you should take it without hesitation.

Bill Bonner, Founder, Agora Inc.

And that “good moment” extends to real estate as well as stocks. Owning a second home on an island as picturesque as Cyprus will always be desirable. That’s especially true when some properties are selling for 50% less than they did just a year ago.

Since the banking crisis, Cyprus has seen a lot of positive changes.

The government and banking sectors are being cut down to size. A pro-business government is in power. Skilled labor costs have dropped. And the private sector is primed to revive the country’s economy.

When the capital controls are lifted, the Bank of Cyprus is relisted, and the offshore gas begins to be developed, Cyprus will rise from the ashes of its economic collapse.

And just like in Greece, big-time investors are poised to move in and take advantage of the opportunities available.

That’s why you need to stake your claim now and position yourself for gains. And there is no one better to help you navigate this crisis market than Doug Casey—with the intelligence we’ve gathered in Crisis Investing in Cyprus.

Your Road Map to Outsized Gains from Opportunities in Cyprus

We’ve crammed Crisis Investing in Cyprus full of straightforward, must-have information that you can find nowhere else.

That’s why we plan to charge $200 for this report. We could easily charge much more, given the gains we think you’ll make from these investments. But we want as many of our subscribers to get in before the prices start climbing as possible.

Still, some investors may hesitate, despite the upside potential. So we want to reward you for having the guts to consider an opportunity that would make most people cower—but that could create a legacy of wealth for you.

That’s why, for a limited time, this is our special offer for you…

Our first exclusive Crisis Investing Report… for only $99

It’s fresh off the proverbial press, and you can have a digital copy in your hands immediately. Here’s what you get inside:

  • Our top speculative picks—the eight companies we believe are the best places to put your money on the Cyprus Stock Exchange. We give you all the information you need to act on these promising opportunities.
  • Guidance from Doug Casey, who not only wrote the book on crisis investing but put boots on the ground in Cyprus as co-author of the report.
  • An inside look at our trip to all parts of the island and meetings with everyone from real estate experts to stock brokers, company heads, to head waiters.
  • Expert strategy for speculating on the Cyprus Stock Exchange, where even a modest upturn will make for tremendous profits.
  • An introduction to real estate in Cyprus, including the auctions being held this year. We give you contact information so you can buy undervalued properties and take part in the auctions.
  • Complete information on the new economic residency and economic citizenship options available in Cyprus.
  • Critical background on Cyprus, so you can understand its history, politics, economy, culture, and influences from both Europe and the Middle East.
  • Bonus section: An addendum on sound currencies and sound banking, which looks at lessons learned from Cyprus and other banking crises.
  • Instant electronic access to Crisis Investing in Cyprus, so you have all the information you need to take advantage of this opportunity today.

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In addition, as the opportunity in Cyprus develops, we’ll keep you up to date so you can boost your upside from speculating.

Our updates will provide further information on everything from the status of stock picks that will still give you impressive gains to real estate markets that continue to be soft, to alternative investments we discuss in the report.

But here’s the best part: You can read Crisis Investing in Cyprus right now, with no risk…

There’s No Risk When You Order,
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We know you can handle risk, but there isn’t any when you order Crisis Investing in Cyprus today. That’s because…

You Either Agree That Crisis Investing in Cyprus Provides a Road Map to Extraordinary Opportunity OR We Return Every Penny of Your Money

I’ve made some of my biggest hits with obscure companies doing business in unlikely places.

Doug Casey, Chairman, Casey Research

When you think that a $1,000 investment could repay you with gains of 3,149% in a few years, the $99 cost of Crisis Investing in Cyprus is chump change.

But what if you’re not as excited about the opportunity in Cyprus as we are?

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Of course, we’re confident that you not only won’t ask for a refund—you’ll be eagerly waiting for the next Crisis Investing report.

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And if just one of the situations I wrote about makes you the money we think it will, you will reap the kind of outsized gains that have made Doug and many of his followers committed crisis investors…


Nick Giambruno
Senior Editor, International Man

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