Rick Rule

A Big Arbitrage Opportunity in California Water

Most consumers in the developed world take access to cheap, plentiful water for granted. Today, water is incredibly inexpensive. People complain about their water bill… but that’s because they use too much water. Low prices and high availability have led to overuse, insufficient conservation, and unnecessary waste in areas with a finite supply of water. […]

Rick Rule: Why the Resource Supercycle Is Still Intact

Natural-resource-based industries are very capital intensive, and hence extremely cyclical. It is not unreasonable to say that as a...

Rick Rule: “Avoiding the Ugly in the Junior Resource Sector”

In this excerpt from a talk at the Casey Research Recovery Reality Check Summit, legendary resource speculator Rick Rule...

Rick Rule’s Primer on Contrarian Speculation

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Why I’m Excited About This Gold Market

Legendary resource speculator Rick Rule explains why he sees a lot of good in the current gold market.

Cash Will Give You Courage

Rick Rule, Founder of Global Resource Investments, shares his thoughts on the importance of holding cash during a volatile...