Paul Rosenberg

Sympathy for the Devil… Or at Least for a Politician

Which is worse: politicians who make promises they can’t keep, or people who claim to want freedom but won’t endure any discomfort to achieve it?

In Praise of Traditional Family Values… Sort of

Humanity has a problem of clinging to extremes, as I’m quite sure you’ve noticed.

Incarcerated at the Airport

The moral of my story is this: Fear bypasses reason.

The American Productive Class Is Withering Away: What Is to Be Done?

We’re all seeing the stream of statistics concerning America’s productive “middle” class (i.e., people who work real jobs): their...

Eisenhower Was Right: The Military-Industrial Complex Has Deformed American Christianity

However much people may debate the history and nature of Christianity, no serious student concludes that it’s a war-based...

Humanity Has Been Cut Off from Its Future

As much as we may complain about a multitude of things going wrong in the world, I suspect that...

Snowden’s Material Was Just the Tip of the Iceberg: The Situation Is Actually Worse Than You Think

Edward Snowden’s revelations, welcome as they were, showed us mostly old tricks. What’s happening now is worse… much worse