Louis James

Doug Casey: 3 Stocks to Own When Gold Recovers

Doug Casey believes the current gold correction has bottomed. Speaking to me a few days ago, he said: “With rare exceptions—that are mainly luck—only liars buy at the exact bottom and sell at the exact top. Purchase of precious metals remains the most prudent thing you can do to protect your wealth, and a very […]

Write-Downs: Death Sentence or Opportunity?

Digging in to the possible meanings of a write-down for precious metals miners—and investors.

Peak Gold

Falling gold grades have some fearing that we've reached the point where gold mining becomes uneconomic. How worried...

Aye, Me Hearties—Why There’s Still Old-Fashioned Treasure Out There

I've always wondered why we tend to glorify pirates and treasure hunters: the Indiana Joneses, the Jack Sparrows, the...

A Treasure Hunt Within a Treasure Hunt

Critical lessons in natural resource speculation from the field.

A Treasure Hunt Within a Treasure Hunt

I've been treasure hunting in the Yukon and northern British Columbia again, a part of the world that is...

Poor Economy = Low Gold Price?

The late 1970s economy offers valuable clues about future gold prices.