Louis James

Bottom-Fisher’s Blunder

If you’re holding back on buying gold in hopes that it’ll go lower, you could get burned. Don’t make that mistake.

The Critical Missing Element

This seemingly minor factor can—and has—meant the difference between success and failure of junior miners. Can you guess what...

The Critical Missing Element

The fundamentals need to be in place for a mine to be successful, of course… but another element may...

Mining Accidents: A Look Beyond the Headlines

Facts vs. fear—what are the ethics of investing in mineral exploration and mining?

Let the Safe Hit the Sidewalk

Gold surge provides proof of concept; all-time top contrarian plays provide all-important context for our market today.

Gold Crashes, Wall Street Doesn’t: What Now?

Your Casey Metals Team has a look at the latest market action and tackles tough questions from readers.


Louis James comments on Wall Street’s correction, corrects himself, and updates us on the Ebola crisis.