Jeff Thomas

Gold as the Monetary Sun

A gold bubble, like any other bubble, would be temporary. Eventually, gold would return to its intrinsic value…

Say Goodbye to Your Safe Deposit Box

The warning flag is out—soon, a “safe” deposit box will be anything but safe.


Weekend Edition: Looking Forward

We’re getting much closer to the crisis...and much of what once might have seemed absurd may now look quite...


I Owe My Soul—Why Negative Interest Rates Are Only the First Step

QE and low interest rates have not created the prosperity desired. A solution being considered is to create "negative...


A Glimpse into the Coming Collapse

It is left to the reader to decide whether he will fall victim to coming events, or will use...


Is There a “Dollar Clamp” in Your Future?

The photo above shows a queue of people waiting at a currency exchange booth in Montevideo, Uruguay. Only a...


Don’t Dismiss the Possibility of Gold Confiscation

What if the government took away your gold?