E.B. TuckerSenior Analyst, Strategic Investor, Strategic Trader

E.B. Tucker

E.B. Tucker is senior analyst for Strategic Investor. Each month, he tells readers what’s happening in the world and where to find the best ways to profit.

E.B.’s been profiting from crisis for years. In early 2009, he realized that the US housing bust would create a generation of renters. He raised money and bought a large portfolio of single-family rental houses at rock-bottom prices… as low as 10 cents on the dollar.

E.B. was also a founding partner and managing director of KSIR Capital Management, an investment firm focused on gold and silver equities. He knows the gold and silver business inside and out, having visited mines in many countries.

Most recently, E.B. was the senior analyst for The Casey Report. Before joining Casey Research, he was co-editor of Stansberry International and a research analyst for Porter Stansberry’s Investment Advisory.

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