Doug French

It’s About Envy, Stupid

Envy has been the great destroyer of progress for millennia. We need to face it directly.

Bitcoin: Currency Canary in the Coal Mine?

When all the currency battles and failures are done, will Bitcoin still be standing?

Marriage: What’s Love Got to Do with It

Mating habits have changed repetitively through history. Are they changing again? Is economics involved?

America’s Exceptional Torture

Why is it that the American political class loves and defends torture?

Police Piracy

Theft is theft, no matter who does it. And “civil asset forfeiture” is just a fancy term for theft.

Oil’s Swoon Undoes the Fed

14% of high-yield bonds lie in the energy sector, and they’re pulling the other 86% down with them. What’s...

The Business of Government Caught on Video

The US “justice” and enforcement complex are worshiped (at length) every night on television. So should we really be...