Doug Casey

Doug Casey on How Fascism Comes to America

"We're just in the eye of the hurricane and will soon be moving into the other side of the storm."

Doug Casey: Gold Is the Best Money

Almost anything can function as money. But some things work better than others – and gold happens to be...

Doug Casey: America Is Becoming a Police State

Western civilization is going backwards in terms of personal freedom. And America, of all places, is leading the way.

Doug Casey on the COVID-19 Pandemic

The hysteria surrounding the recent pandemic is overblown – and will only make the impending Greater Depression worse.

Doug Casey: The Deep State Crosses Party Lines

The Deep State has infiltrated every aspect of our politics – and American values are being irreversibly destroyed.

Doug Casey: Speculate on Silver, Not Gold

When the public gets manic in a monetary crisis, silver is much more volatile… and presents a better opportunity...

Doug Casey on the Dangers of Globalism

Globalists act in their own best interest… which is why they shouldn’t control – or decide – anything.