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David Forest

Dave is a geologist who has worked professionally in mining and petroleum over a 20-year career. He has also bridged his technical expertise into the finance and investment sector, originally joining Casey Research in 2004 when he founded the Casey Energy Speculator dedicated to finding high-potential investment opportunities in oil, natural gas, uranium and renewables globally.

He has founded his own mineral exploration and development companies, raising over $80 million in equity financing from some of the most well-known resource investors in North America. His past successes include the development of a 10-million-ounce gold deposit in Colombia, as well as becoming the first to be granted a modern exploration license in the emerging economy of Myanmar, Southeast Asia. He also served as Managing Director of Notela Resource Advisors, an advisory firm analyzing and designing global investment opportunities in the natural resource sector.

Dave continues to travel extensively — particularly in Latin America and Asia — reviewing resource projects and investment opportunities. His recent visits including Brazil, Mongolia, Myanmar, China, Russia, Colombia, Peru, Nevada, Laos, Zambia, Madagascar, Indonesia, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

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