Chuck Butler

Daily Pfennig: It’s A Jobs Jamboree Friday!

Calling the PPT, Calling the PPT. Euro gives back a large chunk of its gains. Greece decides to bundle their loan payments! But no one tells Christine Lagarde!

Daily Pfennig: Treasury Yields Soar Higher!

The euro takes off for higher ground. Krugman blasts Finland's decision to join euro. Aussie Retail Sales & Trade...


Daily Pfennig: Tsipras’ Agreement Would Mean No More Grexit!

Greece and creditors nearing a final agreement. Dollar's broad based rally comes to an end. ECB on cruise control,...


Daily Pfennig: RBA Leaves Rates Unchanged

Mixed Bag-o-results of data. RBI cuts rates 25 Basis Points. Tsipras say (again) that a deal is done! China...


Daily Pfennig: A Week Of Central Bank Meetings

Dollar is in driver's seat. Euro get traded on Greek drama. Canada prints Budget Surplus! Chuck stirs up hornet's...


Daily Pfennig: Did Tsipras Give Us A Head Fake?

No draft has emerged yet. 3 going on 4 consecutive days for the euro? Japanese CPI prints positive. New...


Daily Pfennig: ECB Withdraws Greece’s ELA

Greece says a deal is done! Aussie CAPEX prints ugly. NZIER says no rate change for 2 years! Another...