Casey Research Technology Team

Google Wants Your Cellphone, Too

The latest and greatest from Barcelona.

Build It and They Will Come

Why we need better batteries; Pebble launches another successful Kickstarter campaign; and Lenovo backtracks on Superfish

Forget Cars: Tesla Wants to Power Your House

Coming your way: $4,000 Apple watches and genetically modified apples?

FCC Sticks It to Congress, Sides with John Oliver

Net Neutrality appears to have the upper hand again; and why cyberthieves are hot for healthcare data

A Big Smile on FB’s Face as It Looks to the Future

News from several tech companies has investors’ attention

Apple Delivers Monstrously Worrying Earnings

What’s the deeper story behind Apple’s latest earnings results?

The State of the Technology Union is a data sieve; and the likelihood of drone wars in the near future just crept a little...