Axel Merk

Does Gold Belong in Every Portfolio?

In times of crises, many turn to gold, seeking its safe-haven attributes. However, with a 28% price drop in 2013, followed by a 12% gain in the first ten weeks of 2014, can we really continue to label gold a safe haven? No investment is “safe.” Gold is no exception, of course, given that our […]

Chinese Dragon To Unshackle Renminbi?

With the Year of the Dragon around the corner, will the renminbi be unshackled?


U.S. Dollar & Currencies: Review and Outlook

In 2012, policy makers around the world may be driven by the realization that the theme of 2011 was...


Guide to Save the Euro

Can the euro be saved? Is it possible to stem the flight of money from the periphery into the...


Greece: High Flying Drachma

The worst-case scenario for Greece, should it be unable to secure further bailouts, might be that it would have...


Euro Bailouts – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The markets appear euphoric about the ability for European policy makers to deliver on new promises. Low market expectations...


Occupy Wall Street: A Threat to the Dollar?

On its face, suggesting that the Occupy Wall Street movement may threaten the U.S. dollar may appear like a...