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Doug Casey on Labor Unions

Published March 2, 2011

When you can't work unless you join the union, and union membership is limited – often to people with political connections, or family relations with union officials – it's clear that the union is not a defender of the little guy, but a kind of protection racket. It's a fraud.

Safely Storing Your Gold

Published February 23, 2011

One of my friends recently discovered that five one-ounce gold coins had been stolen from his home. My friend overlooked one of the basic rules of home storage, so I hope you’ll review where and how you store your precious metals so that you can avoid the same pain and loss he experienced…

Doug Casey: Something Wicked This Way Comes


Oppressed Middle Easterners take to the streets out of hunger. Wisconsin union members take to the streets because their entitlements are threatened. Both relate to the rising costs of real things resulting from the global currency crisis, which is part of the larger train-wreck of the old economic world order.

Concentrated Benefits and Dispersed Costs

Published February 22, 2011

The DMV has exemplified government inefficiency for decades, but why? Besides inefficiency, it reveals one of the major problems with our form of government: there is almost no incentive to fix smaller problems.

Doug Casey: Make Corruption Your Friend, Part 2

Published February 16, 2011

When we last saw our heroes, they were hanging on a cliff of corruption, thinking about a world in which Egyptians stage a now-successful revolution, apparently more in response to government corruption than anything else. Mubarak the thief was more intolerable than Mubarak the dictator – especially when people got hungry.

Doug Casey: Make Corruption Your Friend, Part 1

Published February 9, 2011

The only way to fight official corruption is to reduce the amount of legal control of officials, particularly their regulatory power over the economy. If there were no government regulators, inspectors, assessors, auditors, and so forth ad nauseam, there'd be no reason for businesses and consumers to bribe them to get the hell out of the way.

Doug Casey on Revolution in Egypt and Beyond

Published February 2, 2011

Arab countries have long been the most repressive places in the world, with the possible exception of the despotisms in Africa, to their south. It's very good to see these regimes being overthrown. And the revolution – hopefully that's what it is – is internally generated. It's not the product of an invasion by foreign troops from an alien culture.

Doug Casey on Second Passports

Published January 26, 2011

Remember that getting a second passport is just part of a larger "permanent traveler" strategy. The ideal is to live in one place, have your citizenship in another, your banks and brokers in other jurisdictions, and your business dealings in yet others. That makes it very inconvenient for any one government to control you.

Doug Casey on Art, Part 2

Published January 19, 2011

[a continuation of Doug Casey on Art, Part 1] I'll tell you what the best single – very recent – place in the world for great, cheap art used to be, though I suspect it may be doing too well for that to be the case now: Vietnam, especially the north.

Doug Casey on Art, Part 1

Published January 12, 2011 is one of the most positive things about life itself. It's really about aesthetics, a very important part of human existence.

Prepare for Social Upheaval

Published January 5, 2011

I've been most fortunate wandering through the valley of the shadow of death. Statistically, though, even in the worst places, when hundreds of people get killed – which is a considered a big deal anywhere – the odds of dying are thousands to one against.

My Favorite Quotes

Published December 22, 2010

Some of Doug Casey's all-time favorite quotes – always words of wisdom, and usually wisdom informed by political incorrectness and a grasp of the absurdity of the human condition.

Robots, Net Neutrality, and More

Published December 21, 2010

Today, the Federal Communications Commission acts on so-called “Net Neutrality,” and given the commissioners’ predicted 3-2 party line vote, it would be a shocker if they rejected it. What happens next is anyone’s guess, because the exact text of the ruling will not be known until those contesting the order have had a chance to file their dissent.

The Slippery Slope

Published December 17, 2010

Dear Reader, Some years ago, during a winter-time visit with my dear friend and partner Doug Casey in Aspen, we decided to hit the slopes. While skiing played no role in my formative years in Hawaii, moving to the icebox of the Northeast has helped me gain some modest competency. Enough, in fact, to make […]

Doug Casey on Bernanke: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid (Part 2)

Published December 15, 2010

It does no good to make marginal improvements to a system that is fundamentally flawed and broken. Bernanke is proposing a band-aid where amputation is needed.

Doug Casey on Bernanke: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid (Part 1)

Published December 8, 2010

The Federal Reserve is a misnomer. There is no reserve, as there was in the days when the gold at Fort Knox backed the dollar. Now, the dollar isn't backed by anything, so there's nothing to reserve – they can and do create as many dollars as they want

Doug Casey on Wikileaks

Published December 1, 2010

The whole idea of Wikileaks is terrific. They've become one of the most important watchdog organizations on the planet, helping to expose a lot of government action for what it really is.

“You Cannot Find a Bank Safe Deposit Box in Germany”

Published November 27, 2010

U.S. silver eagles sales at 3,935,000… will the U.S. Mint break the 4 million mark next week?SLV ETF has a huge withdrawal. Silver money for China.EU rescue starts to threaten Germany itself. Three terrific King World News interviews… and much more. Despite how bad the gold chart looks… all is not as it seems.  With […]

Doug Casey on the TSA

Published November 24, 2010

All bureaucracies inevitably become sodden, counterproductive, and centered mainly on their own agendas. But the TSA is on an extraordinarily steep downward trajectory.

Gold Stocks in a Failing Fiat Currency

Published November 23, 2010

Dear Reader, With the Thanksgiving holiday beginning to settle over America like a warm blanket on a cold day, these daily musings will be a bit briefer than usual today and tomorrow – and completely AWOL on Thursday and Friday as your Casey Research team gathers around turkey with sharp knives and a clear intent […]

Doug Casey’s Favorite Music

Published November 17, 2010

Louis James interviews Doug Casey about his favorite kind of music and what's on his iPod.

Doug Casey on Gold’s New High, the Fed, and the Greater Depression

Published November 10, 2010

If you look just a couple years down the road, we're looking at an absolutely world-class catastrophe. I keep telling anyone who will listen: this is not just the biggest thing since the Great Depression, this is the biggest thing since the Industrial Revolution.

The Fix

Published November 8, 2010

Dear Reader, The G20 meeting in Seoul this week is considered so important that the U.S. president and 3,000 of his closest associates, traveling in 40 planes and six armored cars, will be in attendance. Ahead of the meeting, there has been concern that the Fed’s latest cash barrage would discomfit Team USA when locked […]

Inflation on the Brain

Published November 4, 2010

(Chris Wood filling in for David Galland) Dear Reader, Unless you were trapped in a cave away from all forms of news media yesterday, you’re aware that the Federal Reserve announced a new round of quantitative easing in an effort to spur economic growth by purchasing longer-term Treasury securities to keep interest rates artificially low. […]

Doug Casey on Juries and Justice

Published November 3, 2010

In theory, a jury is a good counterbalance to the power of the judge. You need some way to weigh the facts and decide who's in the right. If all of that were on one elected or appointed man or woman's shoulders, there could be a lot of problems. But the way juries work in the U.S. today is far from optimal.

Doug Casey on Voting

Published October 28, 2010

A rational man, which is to say, an ethical man, would almost certainly not vote in this election, or in any other – at least above a local level, where you personally know most of both your neighbors and the candidates.

A Look at Stock Buybacks

Published October 27, 2010

(Chris Wood filling in for David Galland) Dear Reader, Stock buybacks have been in the news a lot lately. Sitting on piles of cash and too nervous to invest in new workers or plant and equipment, many companies have started to deploy their cash reserves to buy back their own stock. So far this year, […]

But This Time It’s Different

Published October 25, 2010

(Vedran Vuk filling in for David Galland) Dear Reader, The best-laid plans have not come to fruition. Chris Wood is back, but feeling a bit under the weather today. So I’ll be taking the reins of the CDD again.  First up, we have an article from Kevin Brekke on the Singapore Exchange’s takeover of the […]

The Anachronistic Economy

Published October 21, 2010

(Vedran Vuk filling in for David Galland) Dear Reader, The weekly initial jobless claims have declined by 23,000 to 452,000 this past week and the week before that were revised upward by 13,000. It’s no reason to get excited. We’ve seen these numbers fluctuate endlessly. However, there is something important here that is often missed […]

Doug Casey on Presidents: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


The ones who get statues built to them and are engraved on the collective memory are conquerors and mass murderers – Alexander, Caesar, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, and a whole bunch of U.S. presidents.

The Silver Sleuth

Published October 20, 2010

(Vedran Vuk filling in for David Galland) Dear Reader, As you may have noticed already, the market came roaring back after yesterday’s retreat. Gold and oil are once again on the rise too. I’m wondering one of two things with these back-to-back days: Is the rally strong enough to go further until the market stabilizes, […]

Between the Lines

Published October 15, 2010

Dear Readers, As I am rushing about trying to prepare for my imminent departure to the Sights & Sounds Celebration at La Estancia de Cafayate, Argentina, where I’ll be joining close to 250 owners and guests, including many of you dear readers, my contribution to today’s musings will be reduced, and non-existent next week. Before […]

Doug Casey: Bah! Humbug!

Published October 13, 2010

If we define religion as a quest for some form of spiritual reality, I certainly don't in any way denigrate or make fun of religion. Unfortunately, that's not how most people approach religion; for many, it's a balm for their fears and miseries, rather than a path to enlightenment.

Casey’s Technology Guru on Cyber Security

Published October 6, 2010

Anyone who's ever used a computer is familiar with security threats. We all get security patches from Apple or Microsoft, or other vendors – just about every computer out there is vulnerable to attacks if not properly defended.

Doug Casey on the Tea Party Movement

Published September 29, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: So, Doug, I forgot to ask last time, now that we have you back from the new spa you tried in Thailand, how was it? Doug: This spa was different from the ones I recommended in our conversation on health. Purely detox oriented, with very interesting results […]

The Cure for High Prices

Published September 24, 2010

Quick Comment on the Stock Market...Congressional Hearings on Gold...The Cure for High Prices...Friday Funnies...For the Record...Miscellany

America’s Last Great Asset

Published September 22, 2010

Dear Reader, As I write, the price of gold has responded, as expected, to the Fed’s confirmation that it’s actively considering turning back on the monetary taps. While I can’t know what sound money will be trading at by the time you read this, as I write it’s at $1,294 in the spot market. According […]

A Classic Casey Real Estate Spec


(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, last time we spoke, you mentioned a real estate opportunity you're checking out in Egypt that you said not one in a million people would think of. Sounds like a classic Casey contrarian deal. Care to tell us about it? Doug: Sure. Let's start with the […]

Doug Casey on Castro and Cuba

Published September 15, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) Doug Casey, upper left, sips a drink while Pierre Lassonde enjoys a lengthy lecture, finger jabs included, by Fidel Castro. (Photo courtesy of Paul Zyla.) L: Doug, Fidel Castro is much in the news of late, with almost McNamara-like changes of heart, ranging from regretting the persecution of […]

Letter from a Long-Lost Lover

Published September 10, 2010

Dear Reader, Because Casey Research is dedicated to uncovering exceptional profit opportunities, much of what flows across the desk – and so ends up in these daily musings – generally revolves around the economy and investments.  However, given that we are human by species and curious by nature, it would be overly limiting and no […]

Machiavelli on Prince Obama’s Political Fortunes

Published September 7, 2010

Dear Reader, Niccolo Machiavelli (1469 – 1527) was many things, but first and foremost a keen observer of politicians and their machinations. In actual fact, the man’s life in public service, and his influence at the time, was rather limited. And both came to a screeching halt when the republic he served collapsed and was […]

An Exception in Equities

Published September 1, 2010

(Doug Casey, interviewed by The Gold Report) Editor's Note: Just recently, our friends at The Gold Report interviewed Doug on his thoughts about the precious metals bull market, how high gold will go, his views on gold stocks, and much more. Some of what he says below is not new to longtime readers, but we […]

Casey’s Technology Guru, Part 2: Med Tech & Security

Published August 25, 2010

(Alex Daley, interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) Bio: Alex Daley is the senior editor of Casey's Extraordinary Technology. In his varied career, he's worked as a senior research executive, a software developer, project manager, senior IT executive, and technology marketer. As a technologist, he's collaborated on the development of numerous cutting-edge projects, from […]

$202 Trillion?

Published August 18, 2010

Dear Reader, According to Reuters and other sources, General Motors is supposed to file paperwork this week for an IPO that’s expected to raise between $15 billion and $20 billion and is an important step in shedding its government backing. The U.S. government (read, U.S. taxpayers) stepped in last year with a $50 billion bailout […]

Casey’s Technology Guru, Part 1: Profiting Post Tech Bubble


(Alex Daley, interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) Bio: Alex Daley is the senior editor of Casey's Extraordinary Technology. In his varied career, he's worked as a senior research executive, a software developer, project manager, senior IT executive, and technology marketer.  As a technologist, he's collaborated on the development of numerous cutting-edge projects, from […]

WWII Events

Published August 16, 2010

Dear Reader, Vedran Vuk here filling in for Chris Wood. Today, the history buffs will get a treat. We’ll be taking a look at some significant WWII events and the resulting stock market reactions. Why is this important today? Stock markets always react to important events in one way or another. If the event was […]

Intellectual Property: Please Download This Interview

Published August 11, 2010

(Paul Rosenberg, Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: One issue that's very important to us here at Casey Research, but which Doug Casey feels he's not expert enough in to discuss with great authority, is the issue of “intellectual property.” That's in quotes because it's an open question as to whether you can […]

Doug Casey: War Is Coming

Published August 4, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, last time we conversed, you said: “Let’s talk about what Clausewitz called ‘the extension of politics’ next time – I think the odds are increasing that we may see war rear its ugly head again soon.” There’s been a lot in the news lately about Israel […]

If Deflation Wins, What Will Gold Stocks Do?

Published August 3, 2010

Dear Reader, I have three excellent articles from my esteemed colleagues to share with you today, so I’ll be taking a back seat in today’s missive after a brief anecdote. On the way home from the office last night, I stopped at a little convenience store that I frequent to buy some milk, a sandwich, […]

Information Security: Why You Need It & How to Get It

Published July 28, 2010

(Paul Rosenberg, Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: We are talking today with one of Doug Casey's favorite cryptology technologists, a once-shadowy figure named… um… I'm never sure with cypherpunk types. What name can we use? We're on the record here. Paul: [Laughs] Paul Rosenberg is fine, Lobo. We won't be breaking any […]

Observations from Everyday Life

Published July 22, 2010

Dear Reader, As has become my twice-weekly routine, this morning I submitted to a torture session run by an ex-Marine who energetically pursues his dark arts through the application of an almost countless number of push-ups, lunges, arm curls, planks, triceps overheads, crunches, wall sits, leap-overs and more. Remarkably, in between these exertions, fellow sufferers […]

Doug Casey: China Won’t Save Us

Published July 21, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, one of the most common replies we hear from the bulls who think the global economy is on the mend – or soon will be – is that China has huge cash reserves and a huge middle class with savings who will keep buying cars and […]

Misemployed vs. Underemployed

Published July 13, 2010

Dear Readers, David Galland is out for the day, and Chris Wood is hard at work on the next issue of Casey’s Extraordinary Technology. With the captain and first mate off deck, I’ll do my best to keep this ship afloat until David’s return tomorrow. In the news, BP seems to be approaching an end […]

Doug Casey on Ethics, Part Three: The Ethical Investor

Published July 7, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, you said at the end of our last talk that I wouldn’t like what you had to say about business ethics. Given your two principles: 1: Do all that you say you’re going to do. 2: Don’t aggress against other people or their property. Why would […]

Doug Casey on Ethics, Part Two

Published June 30, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: So, Doug, you’ve told us your ethical principles can be summed up in two statements: 1: Do all that you say you’re going to do. 2: Don’t aggress against other people or their property. I have seen you apply this in life. These are great rules that […]

Doug Casey on Ethics, Part One

Published June 23, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, we touched on ethics in our last conversation on your education as a speculator, and we decided we should have a conversation on the subject. Now, most religious people base their personal ethics on the moral mandates of their religions, and I know socialists who base […]

Rick Rule, Part Two: Markets and Risks

Published June 16, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: So, we've talked about how you make money in these markets – can you tell us where are you looking to make money these days? Are you bullish on energy, bullish on gold, bearish on something – where are you focusing your efforts these days, Rick? Rick: […]

CWC- Interview with Rick Rule, Part One: Rick’s Rules

Published June 9, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Today we're speaking with Rick Rule, founder and driving force of Global Resource Investments, and legendary investor in resource stocks, among many other things. Rick is a longtime friend of Doug Casey and is well known to many of our readers, especially those who have come to […]

Doug Casey: Education of a Speculator, Part Two

Published June 2, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) [Ed. Note: When we left our intrepid hero last week, he was hanging off the edge of a golden cliff…] L: So what did you do after cashing in, in the ‘80s? Doug: That’s when I started getting into the mining stocks you now cover. I liked their […]

Weekend Edition

Published May 29, 2010

Lucy’s Mayonnaise Dear Reader, As a native of New Orleans and someone who lived there for 30 years, I feel compelled to comment on the BP oil spill. The only problem is, I’m not really sure what I want to say about it. So, I’ll start with a couple of quotes from people close to […]

Doug Casey: Education of a Speculator, Part One

Published May 26, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, a lot of our readers have asked for you to tell some war stories – what were some of your biggest wins and losses, and what were the lessons learned? Doug: Well, it may not all fit neatly under the rubric of “Lessons Learned,” but I […]

Doug Casey on Immigration

Published May 19, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: So, Doug, a while back there was a big furor among many people, including some of your libertarian friends, about the new immigration law – or anti-illegal-immigration law – passed by the state of Arizona. We had other fish to fry at the time, and then the […]

Doug Casey on The Return of the Crisis Creature

Published May 12, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, on March 3, you and I spoke about how to profit from the coming collapse of the euro. Prior to that, we talked about a major market correction on the way this year. Just last week, we saw a major confidence crisis hit the eurozone and […]

Casey’s Chief Economist on The Eye of the Storm

Published May 5, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) These Conversations with Casey have been the “All Doug, All the Time” channel for almost a year, and Doug Casey's unique way of looking at the world will remain their focus. Fear not. That said, there are other members of the Casey team who have important ideas to […]

Earth Day Revisited

Published May 3, 2010

Dear Reader, On April 22, Earth Day came and went without even a casual mention by us in this Daily Dispatch. At first I thought this was the correct approach, as even a passing word on the event could lend it credence. But now I’m of the opinion that since this past Earth Day marked […]

Trading Opportunities

Published April 30, 2010

Dear Reader, You may or may not be aware that most of the “investment” recommendations we provide in our letters aren’t really investments per se but speculations. As Doug Casey defines it, an investor is one who puts capital into a business in anticipation of making a profit. But a speculator is someone who allocates […]

Doug Casey on Throwing a Really Good Party

Published April 28, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, you used to throw a big party every year, and called it the Eris Society. Sounds a bit more erudite than a frat party – what was that all about? Doug: Well, there was always some alcohol, and almost always tobacco, and usually some firearms, of […]

Doug Casey on Race

Published April 21, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, last week we wandered into dangerous waters briefly, touching on race while discussing Russia – and Russians. Your views on this subject will probably offend any number of people, but some things are worth saying, regardless. And, cold as it may sound, I think there are […]

Doug Casey on the Russian Bear

Published April 14, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, I'm in Belarus this week, a pit stop to help some of my students with their various business ideas. I'm struggling with my Russian, but getting along. And that has me thinking about Russia's role on the global economic stage. I know this is something you've […]

Doug Casey on Anarchy

Published March 31, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, you keep saying you’re an anarchist. I suspect most of our readers know that doesn’t mean you like to wear black army boots and throw Molotov cocktails at McDonald’s restaurants during WTO protests, but I’m not sure how many really know what it is you do […]

Doug Casey: Making Terrorism Your Friend

Published March 25, 2010

Terrorism is becoming a major force in the world, as evidenced by Clinton actually referring to the use of nuclear, biological, and chemical devices in the U.S. I've thought their use against U.S. targets was an inevitability for years. But with the U.S. government launching its own terror strikes against Third World targets, the inevitable is starting to look imminent. Let's put it this way: Living in Washington, New York or other population centers is not terribly prudent.

Doug Casey on All Things Fun (ATF)

Published March 17, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, among the many things you find perverse in our world, I’ve heard you say that one of the most perverse is that the U.S. government has created a bureau to regulate and suppress three of your favorite things in life. Doug: Ah, yes. Alcohol, tobacco, and […]

Code of the Gunfighter

Published March 15, 2010

Dear Reader, Professional gunfighters, including police officers and front-line soldiers, train themselves not only to use their weapons accurately but to be mentally willing to use them. It’s one thing to pack a gun but an entirely different thing to yank it out of its holster and take a human life. A favored method for […]

Doug Casey: Profit from the Euro-Crash

Published March 3, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) A Skype window opens on my computer screen. I see Doug on his ranch in New Zealand. He looks serious. Doug: Lobo, there's a Greek fire burning in the Eurozone, and people should take immediate action, or they're going to get burned. L: I gather you've seen the […]

Doug Casey: A Major Turning Point

Published February 24, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, a hot topic of conversation this week is the man who flew his airplane into the IRS building in Austin, Texas. What do you make of it? Is the guy a hero for the downtrodden taxpayer? Or a terrorist? Or just some lone lunatic? Doug: First, […]

Doug Casey on the Silver Screen

Published February 17, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, we’ve promised to talk about what you call the literature of today’s world: movies. So, let’s talk about the silver screen. Doug: Good idea. Some may dismiss this as fluff, but I think it can be very important, as per our conversation on Avatar a couple […]

Doug Casey on His Favorite Place in the World

Published February 10, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, we’ve gotten a lot of follow-up questions to our conversation on currency controls. People want to know more about Argentina and why you like it so much. So, let’s talk about Argentina. Doug: Sure. This is a good time, too, because I’m having a sort of […]

Doug Casey on Avatar & Pop Culture

Published February 3, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) Doug: Lobo. I saw it. Let’s talk. L: Ah, you mean the latest, greatest, highest-grossing blockbuster movie of all time – and not incidentally, environmental extremists’ wet dream – Avatar. Doug: Yes. I want to start by saying that I did actually enjoy the movie, though it’s certainly […]

Doug Casey on Haiti

Published January 27, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) Editor’s Note: Dear Readers, I wish you could have heard Doug when we spoke about Haiti. His words may seem cold-hearted – discussing adoption in terms of misallocated capital! – but he was passionate indeed in this conversation. When he spoke of the Haitians having nothing, not even […]

Doug Casey on Unemployment

Published January 20, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, I saw a Wall Street Journal headline a few days ago that boldly proclaimed, “Car Makers May Hire Soon.” Be still, my trembling heart! It’s hard to believe the WSJ would stoop to such a meaningless headline, but I guess they are just trying to give […]

Doug Casey: “Stock Market Set to Crash”

Published January 13, 2010

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: So, what's on your mind this week, Doug? I understand you've had a “guru moment”… Doug: Well, it's nothing but a gut feeling, but I think the stock market is riding for a big fall this year. Everyone was afraid the world was going to come to […]

A Little Research

Published January 6, 2010

Dear Reader, David is finishing up the last edits to our new issue of The Casey Report, so Chris will be filling in today. I’ve always considered myself somewhat of an optimist, but my super-bearish outlook for 2010 has made me feel like an outcast among my fellow men (and women) as of late. So, […]

Doug Casey on Currency Regime Change


(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Happy New Year, Doug! What’s on your mind these days – have any new thoughts for the new year? Doug: Well, the new currencies discussed in the news have caught my attention. L: Ah, yes. Hugo Chavez is launching a new virtual currency among some Latin American […]

Doug Casey on Poker

Published December 30, 2009

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, you often make a point of differentiating speculation from gambling, as in our recent conversation on winning speculations. But I know you also you like to gamble. Poker, specifically. Is that a vice, or a virtue? Doug: Well, I've always enjoyed poker, ever since I was […]

Doug Casey on Bungling Ben

Published December 23, 2009

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: So, Ben Bernanke just got named “Person of the Year” by Time magazine. I know you must have some thoughts in response to this auspicious event? Doug: I just don’t know where they find these people… On the other hand, Slime magazine has always said that those […]

Doug Casey on Winning Speculations

Published December 16, 2009

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, these conversations are going out to a wider and wider audience – almost 100,000 now. A lot of these readers are new to our style of investing. They've heard of your 30-year track record of picking winning investments, and many are wondering how you do it. […]

Unemployment and Taxes

Published December 11, 2009

Dear Reader, You’d think that by writing a daily missive such as this, one would run out of things to write about in relatively short order. Not hardly. There is so, sooo, soooo much going on in the world just now that everywhere I look, up pops something worth paying attention to. And that’s just […]

Doug Casey on Rome

Published December 9, 2009

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, it seems that in almost every conversation we have, you mention something about ancient history, particularly Roman history. In our conversation on speculative fiction, you mentioned that it and ancient literature are your favorite kinds of reading. So let’s talk about Rome – why the fascination, […]

She’s Breaking Up, Capt’n!

Published December 4, 2009

Dear Reader, As readers of any duration longer than a day already know, here at Casey Research we are considerably less optimistic about the economic outlook than members of the government or their close companions down on Wall Street. Are we bearish by temperament? And so our radar picks up only bearish-shaped blips?   Perhaps, […]

Doug Casey on the Military

Published December 2, 2009

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: I’m sitting with Doug Casey in his apartment in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Above me, on the wall behind the sofa I’m sitting on, is a mural depicting the brutality of war. Every time you write about the military, Doug, we lose a large swath of subscribers. But […]

Doug Casey on His Favorite Sport

Published November 25, 2009

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, we’ve talked about cars, gold, and real estate. Another well-known passion of yours is horses, and your love of the game of polo. In fact, I see that you’re wearing a tie that has polo horses on it. But I know you’ve had a few accidents […]


Published November 22, 2009

Dear Readers, For the record, I don’t actually plan to recommend a piece of music each day, as I have done so far this week. This week, however, dramatic music (my primary passion) seems to be in the air, the latest entry involving bagpipes. The song is The Gael, by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, […]

Doug Casey on Real Estate

Published November 18, 2009

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: So, Doug, it’s well known that in addition to investing in resource stocks, especially gold juniors, you also have a passion for playing the real estate market. What can you tell us about real estate in today’s world? Doug: Real estate has been very, very good to […]

Doug Casey on Speculator’s Fiction

Published November 11, 2009

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator)   Doug: You're in Chile, I'm in Argentina, and we're talking through our computers for free. The next step might be the “communicators” of Star Trek. Actually, we're almost there with smart phones. Life increasingly resembles science fiction, and we often refer to sci-fi. So let's talk about […]

Doug Casey on Charities

Published November 4, 2009

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, our readers are hoping to live well for the rest of their lives. That’s what The Casey Report and all our other publications are about, really. If they are successful, they’ll have some money left over at the end. Some have wondered, given your low opinion […]

Doug Casey on Technology

Published October 28, 2009

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, people have written in saying you’re a “doom-and-gloomer” and a “permabear” – but I know you’re an optimist. Why do you suppose that’s so? Doug: Perhaps it’s because I’ve long said that the Greater Depression is going to be even worse than I think it will […]

Not So Safe Deposit Boxes

Published October 27, 2009

Dear Reader, Much more troubling to me than the crummy economic fundamentals we address so often in this missive and in The Casey Report, are the growing police state and the complete disregard of individual liberties we see both here and abroad. This news story out of the U.K.: The raid that rocked the Met: […]

Doug Casey on Education

Published October 21, 2009

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, in our recent conversation on global warming, you made some critical remarks about modern education. I know that wasn’t mere drive-by disparagement – can you tell us why you’re so hard on teachers today? Doug: Sure. Since the school season started recently, it’s probably a good […]

Doug Casey on Nobel Prizes

Published October 14, 2009

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, our savior Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for boldly intending to wage peace. Really. Any day now. I know you must have some thoughts on this… Did you lose your lunch when you saw the news? Doug: : I was having a rather gruesome nightmare […]

Doug Casey on Global Warming

Published October 7, 2009

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: [Phone rings. It’s Doug Casey, whose gravelly, “Lobo, let’s talk!” always makes me smile.] Hi Doug! What’s on your mind? Doug: Global warming. People like my fanatical neighbors here in Aspen seem perfectly willing to undo centuries of progress because they are completely delusional about global warming. […]