Casey Daily Dispatch

Lawrence Williams: Silver in Supply Deficit, But Price Unmoved So Far

Another down day for the precious metal equities. Withdrawals from both GLD and SLV. Another good sales day at the U.S. Mint. A big gold shipment out of JPMorgan's vault at the Comex-approved depositories on Thursday---and mediocre in/out movement in silver.

The Broken State and How to Fix It

The United States of America is not what it used to be—but can it be fixed?

Daily Pfennig: The Currency War Of All Currency Wars?

Currency rally gets turned around. Fed members fire the first shots. Petrol currencies get double whammy. Chuck on his soapbox again!

Incarcerated at the Airport

The moral of my story is this: Fear bypasses reason.

Making Real Estate Bubbles, Not Jobs

Easy money and “Let’s get in on it!”… it’s an old tradition but not a good one. And sooner or later, it always fails, leaving lots of people grasping for excuses and someone to blame. (Someone beside themselves, of course.)

The American Productive Class Is Withering Away: What Is to Be Done?

We’re all seeing the stream of statistics concerning America’s productive “middle” class (i.e., people who work real jobs): their net worth is down 40 percent, barely half of Americans have $500 in savings, there are more Americans on welfare than have permanent, full-time jobs, more American businesses are failing than being created, and so on.

Lawrence Williams: World Top 15 Gold Producers—Output Still Rising, But Peaking This Year

The precious metal equities give up large chunks of their Wednesday gains. No change in GLD, but a withdrawal from SLV. No sales report from the U.S. Mint. More in/out movement in both gold and silver at the Comex-approved depositories on Wednesday.