Dear Reader,

Doug and I were quite busy at the Casey summit that just wrapped up in California, but we did record a conversation for you just before leaving. Our production team is still working on that video, but the first interview I did, with G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, is ready today. We’ll have more like this coming up, as well as more from Doug and me soon.

I hope you enjoy these conversations as much as we enjoy presenting them to you, and that you will forward them whenever we cover ideas you’d like to share.


Louis James

Senior Metals Investment Strategist
Casey Research

G. Edward Griffin works tirelessly to dispel the notion that the Fed has been a failure. His latest effort was at the just-concluded Casey Research/Sprott Inc. investor summit on Navigating the Politicized Economy, where he told a packed hall that the Fed has been wildly successful at its true mission – to protect the banking system at all costs. According to Griffin, the problem is the American people are footing the bill for these costs through stealth taxation, thanks to the coordinated actions of the Fed and US government.

Other speakers – including Doug Casey and former US Comptroller General David Walker – presented their insights as to just how bad a beating we’re all taking as a result of this unholy alliance. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom. On hand were a host of renowned financial analysts and successful fund managers who revealed proven investment strategies – and specific stock picks – to help you profit from our overly politicized economy.

Immediately after the Summit concluded, our technical engineers went to work to produce an audio collection – over 20 hours in all – that capture every recorded presentation. The result of their efforts is being made available to you – a set of high-quality recordings (CDs and MP3s) that’s a must for any serious investor’s library.

Order now and you can be profiting from it right away from the comfort of your living room.