By Justin Spittler, editor, Casey Daily Dispatch

Canada finally did it.

Yesterday, the country legalized marijuana outright.

Soon, anyone over the age of 19 will be able to legally buy and consume marijuana in most parts of Canada. That includes tourists.

Of course, regular readers saw this coming from a mile away. That’s because I’ve been covering Canada’s marijuana market for almost a year now.

But if you’re new to the Dispatch, don’t worry. I’ll bring you up to speed.

In April 2017, Canada started the process of legalizing marijuana outright when it introduced the Cannabis Act. In November 2017, that Act passed the House of Commons.

The last hurdle this Act needed to clear was Canada’s Senate. And that’s exactly what happened yesterday.

This is great news for the people of Canada. It means they’ll have more say about what goes into their bodies.

It’s also a huge opportunity for investors.

In a minute, I’ll show you how to turn this historic decision into huge profits. But first, let me say something.

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• Canada isn’t the first country to do this…

Uruguay legalized marijuana outright in 2013. Last year, it rolled out marijuana legalization nationwide.

It’s now legal to grow, sell, and consume marijuana there. But trust me… Uruguay isn’t the “marijuana Mecca” that a lot of people think.

I know because I was just in Uruguay. I went there to visit Doug Casey and get a firsthand look at the country’s marijuana industry.

And I didn’t find any coffee shops there, like you’d see in Amsterdam. There aren’t even dispensaries like in Colorado, California, or Oregon.

• The only place where you can legally buy marijuana in Uruguay is at a pharmacy…

Now, that might not seem so bad.

But you need to realize something. Less than two dozen pharmacies signed up to sell marijuana. And almost all of them are in the city of Montevideo.

But it’s not just inconvenient to buy cannabis in Uruguay. The quality of the product is also poor.

You see, pharmacies in Uruguay can only sell cannabis with low levels of THC—the compound in marijuana that gets people high.

Many locals I spoke with aren’t happy about this. In fact, one local marijuana expert that I interviewed called the pharmacy’s marijuana “rubbish.”

It’s so bad that many locals have opted to grow their own marijuana. And I got to see one of these operations when I was in Uruguay.

Here’s a marijuana plant being grown outside the Montevideo Cannabis Museum.

Here’s another photograph I took. These plants are being grown indoors at the same museum.

What you’re looking at is a very basic setup. A grow operation like this might produce mediocre marijuana at best.

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I know because I’ve visited world-class marijuana cultivation facilities in Denver, Colorado. And frankly, that operation isn’t even in the same league. And yet, a lot of people in Uruguay get their marijuana from grows like this.

In other words, Uruguay may have legalized marijuana. But its marijuana economy is anything but flourishing.

• The good news is that it’s a much different story in Canada…

You see, Canada’s government didn’t just legalize marijuana… It put its cannabis industry in a position to thrive.

In fact, accounting firm Deloitte recently projected that Canada’s marijuana market could become a $4–$9 billion market once recreational use is legalized. Keep in mind, Canada’s marijuana market is currently estimated to be worth around $400 million.

That means Canada’s legal marijuana economy is set to grow at least tenfold in size… almost overnight.

But that’s certainly not the only reason to be bullish on Canada’s marijuana industry.

You see, Canada’s big marijuana companies don’t have their sights set on Canada. They’re interested in going global.

In fact, they’re already exporting marijuana, expertise, and technology all around the world. That puts them light years ahead of Uruguay, and frankly every other country on the planet.

And that competitive advantage only got stronger after yesterday’s historic decision.

Other investors seem to agree…

• The Canadian Marijuana Index jumped 4.3% yesterday…

Today, it’s up another 3.8%.

But don’t worry if you don’t own Canadian marijuana stocks yet. This rally has a long way to go.

To understand why, look at this chart. It shows how the Canadian Marijuana Index has done over the past year.

You can see Canadian marijuana stocks jumped more than five-fold between last July and January. Then, the market pulled back in a big way. But that’s healthy after a huge run like that.

Since then, the market’s been mostly trading sideways. And that’s a good thing.

You see, the Canadian Marijuana Index is still 35% below its January high. In other words, Canadian marijuana stocks are on sale right now.

Of course, I don’t expect this sale to last long, especially after yesterday’s decision…

So, consider speculating on Canadian marijuana stocks if you haven’t yet. Just remember that the global marijuana industry is still in its early days. So, treat them like a speculation.

Don’t bet more money than you can afford to lose. Keep your position sizes small. And take profits as they come.


Justin Spittler
Lima, Peru
June 21, 2018

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