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Here’s What People Are Saying About Doug Casey and the Casey Research Team...

A hundred years from now, Doug Casey may well be remembered as one of the great prophets of our time.

Pierre L.

My near-obligatory appreciation for the enjoyment and benefit of your daily tales and musings for these nearly 20 past years.

– Robert Ringer, New York Times bestselling author

Doug Casey is the most instinctive contrarian I have ever met and that, in my opinion, is the key to his remarkable success as a speculator.

- Rick Rule, Legendary resource investor and CEO of Sprott US Holdings

The Casey newsletters are hands-down the most valuable of many newsletters I’ve sampled or subscribed to. [They] provide an invaluable insight that cuts through the noise of so much other information I sift through on a daily basis.

– Russell

I thought that your publication was for the rich. I was right for it turned an ordinary dependent divorced women into a financially independent woman.

– Linda

I’m so pleased and grateful to have taken the plunge with your research service. This has made an enormous welcome difference in my retirement savings account. In about two months your advice has generated about $100,000.

- Greg

The first dollar I invested [in an International Speculator recommendation] is up over 1000%! Keep up the great work.

- Jim G.

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From North and South America… to Europe and Asia… and even Africa and Australia… Doug Casey and his team have put boots on the ground in nearly 200 different countries. And that gives Casey readers access to a wealth of experience and expertise that can’t be found many other places.

Doug Casey

Doug Casey

Founder, Casey Research Legendary speculator and bestselling author

Kris Sayce

Kris Sayce

Editor, Casey Daily Dispatch

John Pangere

John Pangere

Senior Analyst, Strategic Investor and Strategic Trader

David Forest

David Forest

Editor, Strategic Investor, Strategic Trader and International Speculator