The Explorers' League Honoree

Catherine McLeod-Seltzer


Catherine McLeod-Seltzer, a recognized leader in the minerals industry, is the Chairman of Pacific Rim Mining, Bear Creek Mining, and Stornoway Diamonds.
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Ms. McLeod-Seltzer is well known in mining circles for backing proven mine finders and building successful mineral companies, including Arequipa Resources, Francisco Gold, Miramar Mining, Bear Creek Mining, Stornoway Diamonds and Peru Copper Inc. Catherine has raised over $350 million in working capital for exploration to date, and been involved in over $4 billion in corporate transactions in the mining industry. Her leadership experience, financial savvy, access to capital, and respect from the exploration and mining community has been an invaluable asset to the companies she is involved in.
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Company Info

Catherine McLeod-SeltzerInducted: January 2007

Companies on the Move

January, 3, 2011

Stornoway Diamonds (T.SWY) will soon own 100% of the Renard diamond project in Northern Quebec. Management is raising the money to buy the remaining 50% of the project by issuing the equivalent of 37% of company shares to Diaquem, a subsidiary of the Quebec government. The Renard project has a resource of 30 million carats, with expected production of 1.6 million carats per year. A bankable feasibility study is due Q311; if the economics are proved up, Renard will be Quebec’s first diamond mine.

If you haven’t read our XL induction interview with Catherine, it’s one of the more fascinating ones – it includes stories of how she paid for her college education from mining stocks, the huge buyout of her earlier company, and her secrets to making a killing in this industry. You can check it out here.

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