The Explorers' League Honoree

Robert Dickinson & Ronald W. Thiessen


Hunter Dickinson Companies:
Heatherdale Resources Ltd. | Curis Resources Ltd. | Northcliff Resources Ltd. | Rathdowney Resources Ltd. | Constantia Resources Ltd.

Robert Dickinson is the Chairman and co-founder of Hunter Dickinson Inc., a Canadian corporation, which since 1985 has grown to become one of the largest and most successful mine development groups in North America.
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XL: Ron and Bob, thank you for agreeing to this interview-it's great to have Hunter-Dickinson join the Explorer's League.

BD: We're delighted to be included.

XL: Everyone knows a little about Bob and Bob, the two men who gave Hunter Dickinson its name, but not so many know about Ron. Bob Hunter is retired, Bob Dickinson is here to answer our questions, and so is Ron. Let's start with a brief look at Ron's role in HD.
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Company Info

Robert Dickinson & Ronald W. ThiessenInducted: March 2005

Companies on the Move

May, 1, 2010

Farallon Mining (T.FAN) had lots of news last month... first, management identified several new gold zones at the G-9 area of its Campo Morado project (primarily a zinc mine) in Guerrero, Mexico. Three new zones have been outlined so far, adding 225,000 Inferred tonnes grading 8.6 grams gold and 406 grams silver. Adding this high-grade gold mineralization to the operation could dramatically improve the bottom line of this producer, which is not yet operating in the black.

Second, Ron Thiessen and Hunter-Dickinson won their defamation lawsuit against Robert Butler and were awarded $425,000 in damages by the B.C. Supreme Court. Farallon had filed a lawsuit against him in 2004 for various defamatory statements he’d posted at The judge also ordered a permanent injunction against Mr. Butler, restraining him from publishing any further defamatory statements against Ron and the company. A long and ugly chapter finally closed.

Last, BTV (Business Television) had a nice profile of Farallon Mining last month, which you can check out here.

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