If there were an official hall of fame

for the world's most successful mining professionals, every member of Casey's Explorers' League would be inducted.

Each inductee is a giant in resource exploration – someone who has proven time and again an ability to locate or develop profitable mineral deposits. They've also generated considerable wealth for those wise enough to have invested in their companies and projects.

The Explorers' League exists in part to celebrate the considerable achievements of these titans, but there's a good reason why resource investors should pay close attention to them as well.

Very few miners ever develop an economic mine. So when you find someone who is able to repeatedly produce a successful mine, they're well worth following because they're likely to do it again.

That's exactly what the Explorers' League honorees have done. Each has been elected to the League by Casey Research senior staff after having developed no fewer than three economic mines. Admission to the League is based entirely on proven, serial success.

Doug Casey and his team at Casey Research have followed the careers of these established stars for decades, and they've helped many Casey Research subscribers achieve great wealth along the way.

We're providing brief professional biographies of each of the Explorers' League inductees so that you can follow them as well. We recommend you keep yourself apprised of their current projects.

We know we will.

News Updates

Interview with Bob Quartermain: Advancing One of the Richest Gold Deposits in the World

Robert A. Quartermain | October 5, 2016
We recently ran into Explorers’ League honoree Robert Quartermain in Vancouver, so we sat down with him for an update on the world-class Brucejack gold mine, currently under construction in northern British Columbia. It was a fun conversation. Click on the link below for his update and thoughts about going forward. Read More

Mark O’Dea on Turning New Geological Ideas into Big Discoveries

Dr. Mark O’Dea | September 16, 2016
We missed Explorers’ League Honoree Mark O’Dea on our last trip to Vancouver, so we called him up and got a fresh update on his activities Read More

Ron Parratt: The JV Model Is More Important Than Ever

Ron Parratt | May 13, 2015

Some of our readers have written to say that prospect generators pursuing the joint venture (JV) model seem particularly hard hit by the downturn in the resource market. That is to say, prospect generators that farm out majority interests in their projects to joint venture partners in exchange for those partners putting up the cash for exploration are struggling.

Read More

David Lowell: An Interview with One of the World’s Most Successful Mineral Explorers

David Lowell | March 24, 2015

Last summer, Louis James interviewed several of our Explorers' League honorees on camera, but one interview that was recorded in audio only went AWOL after being sent to our transcription service. We've recovered the file and present the interview to you now, as it contains much timeless wisdom.

Read More

Special Explorers’ League Dispatch—Bonus Interview

September 16, 2014
We have one more Explorers' League video interview for you. The subject is Pretium Resources' Bob Quartermain, who brought some rocks with him to the interview, so we had a little extra work editing the footage. If you've ever wished for a closer look at bonanza-grade mineralization, you'll want to watch Louis James' brief interview with Bob. Read More

Interviews with Some League All-Stars

September 10, 2014
We have a special treat for you today: a series of interviews with some of our most successful Explorers' League honorees, conducted by International Speculator editor Louis James at last July’s Sprott symposium in Vancouver. Read More

Explorers: Delivering as Expected

May 23, 2014
You will find the original responses from the Explorers' League honorees who had time to reply to our micro-survey in January, along with news of actual achievements of those honorees' companies. All of them delivered as promised—including some very difficult to obtain results—and deserve congratulations. Read More

Political Risk 2014—An Explorers’ League Survey

January 7, 2014
The mining industry is facing more challenging times than ever: increasing costs, commodity price fluctuations, ever more burdensome regulations, and "not in my back yard" attitudes, among many other factors, have made things very difficult for the whole industry. But there's one threat to mining that trumps them all: political risk. Read More

3rd Annual Explorers’ League Survey

April 17, 2013
Just before the current meltdown in gold and mining stocks got underway, we surveyed our Explorers' League honorees. The survey updated themes from our previous survey, covering the Explorers' League Honorees' views of the market today and where they seek opportunities. You will see that although our Explorers overlap a great deal, each provides unique insight into the workings of our industry – and they all thought things could get worse in the near term, which is exactly what has happened. We're glad our Explorers' companies were made as ready as could be for what's happening now, and believe this level of prescience shows just how important it is to bet on the right People. Without further ado, let's turn this show over to them. Read More

Please Welcome Mark O’Dea to the Casey Research Explorers’ League

Dr. Mark O’Dea | January 17, 2013

Our new Explorer's League Honoree has five economic mineral discoveries to his name – and he's only 45 years old. Read about the stories of those discoveries below, along with his philosophy about discovery, the projects he's most excited about right now, and his advice for investing in the junior resource sector…. 

Jeff Clark, Explorers' League Editor: Mark, welcome to our Explorer's League. You're our 22nd inductee, and we're glad to have you aboard.

Mark O'Dea: I'm honored to be included, Jeff. Thank you.

Jeff: Let's start at the beginning. How did you get started in the mining industry?

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  • Dr. Mark O’Dea
    Inducted: Jan 2013
  • Andy Wallace
    Inducted: Apr 2011
  • André Gaumond
    Inducted: Apr 2011
  • Jim O’Rourke
    Inducted: Feb 2011
  • Dr. Rui Feng
    Inducted: Oct 2009
  • Dr. Sergey V. Kurzin
    Inducted: Oct 2008
  • Catherine McLeod-Seltzer
    Inducted: Jan 2007
  • Arnold Armstrong
    Inducted: Jan 2007
  • Robert A. Quartermain
    Inducted: Dec 2006
  • Ron Parratt
    Inducted: Feb 2006
  • David Lowell
    Inducted: Sep 2005
  • Lukas Lundin
    Inducted: May 2005
  • Ron Netolitzky
    Inducted: Apr 2005
  • Jorge Patricio Jones
    Inducted: Apr 2005
  • Robert Dickinson & Ronald W. Thiessen
    Inducted: Mar 2005
  • Roman Shklanka, PHD
    Inducted: Feb 2005
  • Simon Ridgway
    Inducted: Feb 2005
  • John Prochnau
    Inducted: Feb 2005
  • Duane Poliquin
    Inducted: Feb 2005
  • Adolph Lundin
    Inducted: Feb 2005
  • Ross Beaty
    Inducted: Feb 2005