Marin Katusa

Marin Katusa

Chief Energy Investment Strategist

Marin Katusa, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Colder War is Casey Research's chief energy investment strategist. He wears the hat of managing editor for Casey Energy Confidential, Casey Energy Report, and The Colder War Letter.

His new book, The Colder War, is a timely and fascinating look at Vladimir Putin’s master plan to make Russia a world leader again, and what this could mean for everyone’s energy consumption in the decades to come.

Through his own investments, Marin has established a network of relationships with many of the key players in the junior resource sector in Vancouver. Marin has the connections and the analytical acumen to bring the best investment ideas and most promising private placement offerings to Casey Research subscribers.

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The fundamentals of the energy markets change day by day and even minute by minute. Casey Energy Confidential is for those investors who relish the kinds of opportunities that form rapidly and are only available to investors willing to move quickly. New discoveries, consolidating industries, and market dislocations all provide unique opportunities for profiting in the world’s largest industry.

Marin Katusa is the Managing Editor of Casey Energy Confidential.

Energy is fundamental to the global economy. Demand is constantly rising, yet supply of conventional sources, like oil, is constantly diminishing. Casey Energy Report will guide you through investing successfully in the potentially lucrative market of small, up-and-coming oil, natural gas, uranium, coal, solar, hydro, and other explorers and early-stage producers.

Marin Katusa is the Managing Editor of Energy Report.

A new monthly newsletter to give you ongoing analysis and investment recommendations for positioning your portfolio to take advantage of extreme shifts in the energy sector caused by the global war for control of the world’s energy sources - “The Colder War.”

Marin Katusa is the Managing Editor of The Colder War Letter.

On the Radar is a concise run-down of important happenings in markets, precious metals, energy, technology, and other sectors we cover. We’ll only send you On the Radar when there’s something worth sharing—generally 2-3 times per week, though the frequency will vary depending on what’s happening in the markets.

Marin Katusa is the Managing Editor of On The Radar.