David Galland

David Galland

Partner, Casey Research

Over the course of his varied career, David Galland has worked as a miner, as the conference director for the world’s largest investment conference (National Committee for Monetary Reform, 1979 to 1987), financial newsletter editor and publisher (Gold Newsletter, Aden Analysis, among many others), a founding partner and director of a successful mutual fund group (Blanchard Group of Funds), and as a founding partner and executive vice-president for EverBank, one of the earliest and most successful online banks.

Since 2004 David has been a partner with Doug Casey and Olivier Garret in Casey Research, LLC, an international research firm providing insights on macro-economics, metals and mining, energy and technology investing for self-directed individuals and investment professionals in over 150 countries.

Today, David lives with his family in La Estancia de Cafayate (www.LaEst.com), the sporting and lifestyle estate in the up and coming wine producing town of Cafayate in the Northwest of Argentina. La Estancia, which has owners from 33 countries around the world, came into being as a result of the vision of Doug Casey and a group of partners, including David, who set out to build an amenities-rich community for individuals who appreciate the good life largely free from an over-arching and meddlesome government. Despite the constant stream of negative press about Argentina’s national government, in the quiet countryside the influence and presence of the central government in daily life is almost non-existent.

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